Your Questions About Insomniac Games

Paul asks…

how do you get the 2 orb for the top of the dam in spyro dawn of the dragon?

ive looked every were i can/can think of please help

Insomnia Stress answers:

Orb? Orbs are from the 2nd game of Spyro by Insomniac Games.

Here a walkthrough from that chapter:

David asks…

ratchet and clank game?

i just got and beat ratchet and clank tools of distroction (pardon spelling) and i am wondering if there will be a new addition for thay defnitly opened it for a new game relese or be able to end it there with out explaining ratchet’s past or clanks time to come.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Because the game doesn’t fully explain what happens at the end there will probably be another game in the series. If it was the last game though Insomniac did not end it very well and did not completely tie all the loose strings in the storyline.

William asks…

What PS3 games should I buy? 10 points for best answer!?

I have $400 and I really need some new games. I’m going to get some new games at GameStop but i’m not sure what to get. So if anyone can recommend some really good games I would appreciate it. The only games that I’ve played/have are: GTA IV ~ CoD5:WaW ~ inFamous ~ Prototype ~ MGS4. So if anyone can tell me of some great games from GameStop (possibly their price also). Thanks in advance.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Uncharted – Its a really good tomb raider style game that has a good story and good characters, I enjoyed it alot. Going to play through it again soon since the sequel that every game mag has been saying nothing but good things about. By the way if you do get it, go online with it before you play, insomniac released a patch for it awhile back that added trophies to the game if you like that sort of thing.

Mirrors Edge – This one is fairly unique and they just not long ago ended up discontinuing it so the price dropped to 20 for it brand new. Its just a single player game where you run across and through buildings doing a bunch of different moves. You can videos for it easy on youtube. I wouldnt have paid 60 for it new but its worth 20.

Ratchet and clank tools of destruction – Great 3d platforming game with alot of humor, lot of cool gadgets and weapons and just a solid, well done action game.

Marvel vs capcom 2 – One of the best fighting games ever honestly and its only 15 bucks downloadable from the psn store.

Resistance 1 and 2 – Really good shooters that were designed well. I personally liked the 2nd one little better but they are both still good games.

Bionic commando – Yes I know everyone did nothing but yell about how bad it was, but the games price new is now 20 dollars and its worth 20 bucks I would say. I think if they worked on the swing mechanic a little more and didnt call it bionic commando it would have had gotten better scores. The voice acting isnt that great, the storyline is cliched and bad but overall the game really isnt that bad. I only got it because it was dropped to 20 and discontinued and I liked it more than I thought I would. The load times on it still suck though.

Little big planet – Game is alot of fun and its cool you can design your own levels and post them online and play other peoples level alone or multiplayer online.

Maria asks…

is the new resistance game only for ps3 or xbox 360 too?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Since Insomniac has license only to Sony it will only be coming out for the PS3. But, if you are looking for a good first person shooter game buy Halo or Call of Duty.

Lizzie asks…

There’s a video game I’m trying to find?

The video game has a trailer and a website but i can’t remember what it is called. I’m trying to find it but i forgot the name. In the trailer there were four people. One was a doctor and she was a girl. There was another girl and i think she could turn herself invisible. Also there was a black guy that said he was a pacifist but he shot the people anyways. And the last person was a man he was the leader of the other 3 people and in the trailer he was being interviewed. While he was being interviewed there would be a fight scene and it seems that they were fighting a person but he turned out to be robot and in the end the robot blew up. The trailer had some comedy in it but i believe it’s an fps game. If anyone could help me find the name of this game it would be much appreciated.
This game hasn’t come out yet

Insomnia Stress answers:


It’s Overstrike by Insomniac Games, I am very interested in this title a lot

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Your Questions About Insomnia Symptoms

Mark asks…

Are these symptoms of Insomnia?

I dont find myself sleeping until about 11:30 or 12 at night at the earliest even on weekdays. It takes me almost an hour (some nights more) just to fall asleep then when I do I wake up multiple times during the night. I’ve never been able to stay asleep through the whole night without waking up. I just toss and turn and wait to go to sleep most nights. Then when I do wake up in the mornings im always tired and feel like I never got any sleep and I stay tired 24/7 through the day like im always tired. Its a mistake to even speak a word to me in the mornings it seems like

Insomnia Stress answers:

Yes, those are early symptoms of insomnia.

Insomnia is like you are never asleep and your are never awake, everything is a copy of copy of a copy.

Are you stressed by anything? Do some exercise which stimulates your metabolism, and eat healthy.

David asks…

Is Insomnia an Early Pregnancy Symptom?

Did anyone have an early PG symptom of sleeplessness? I am in my 2ww and find myself going to bed exhausted but then tossing and turning all night. It’s very frustrating! I usually sleep like a LOG all night long so I am hoping it is more that I could be PG and not that I am developing some insomnia or something, cause that would suck!

Insomnia Stress answers:

No, its really not any symptom of pregnancy.
You are probably keeping yourself up wondering whether or not you are pregnant. Good Luck!!

Michael asks…

Is vision loss a symptom of Insomnia?

I’m having trouble sleeping and during the day my eyes black out for a few seconds. It’s terrifying and I was wondering if it was a symptom of Insomnia because then I could find some way to fix it. I know that blurry vision and double vision are symptoms, but I can’t find any info about vision loss.


Insomnia Stress answers:

I have insomnia as well and have never had vision loss. Are you taking any new medications or anything changed diet wise? Most importantly your body needs sleep it helps repair cells and give your body “a break”. Try taking tylenol pm or something to help you sleep and see if it helps your vision

Lisa asks…


I was really sick for about a year and ended up having to have surgery. Before the surgery I was in so much pain that even with pain medication I was not able to sleep, this went on for over seven months. Now I am better and ready to move on with life but my body seems to have what is called Learned Insomnia. Because I went so many months without sleep my brain is now in “awake mode”. This creates several issues one being that I am a severe Epileptic and part of seizure control is getting the proper amount of sleep.
I do not want to take Ambien CR or any medication for that matter so I have been trying natural suppliments like Vularium root which helps sometimes but not enough. I have a sound machine that produces whatever peaceful sound I choose and I always take a warm bath before bed but nothing seems to be helping.
Does anyone know of any other natural supplements…vitamins/herbs that help with insomnia? If you have ever been through this please help me. I am having a lot of seizures because of lack of sleep so I am a little desperate. Serious answers only please and thank you!

Insomnia Stress answers:

Vitamins and minerals are also important for sleep. “Nutritional deficiencies or poor absorption of nutrients can cause chronic insomnia,” report Peter Hauri, PH.D, and Shirley Linde, Ph.D, the authors of “No More Sleepless Nights”. So, make sure to get your share of calming calcium.

The National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine reports that the majority of Americans do not get sufficient amounts of calcium. Average consumption is 500 to 700 mg, most people need 1200 to 1500mg. In addition to building strong bones and teeth, calcium helps regulate healthy nerve and muscle functioning. Supplemental calcium relieves premenstrual symptoms too.

A combination of calcium and magnesium acts as a mild relaxant and sleep promoter. Other vitamins and minerals associated with sound sleep are the B vitamins, zinc, copper, and iron. A nutritionist can help you assess your need for supplementation.

Hope I have helped. :)

George asks…

overly acidic body symptoms?

what are symptoms of having an ‘overly acidic body’?
what systems does it affect

how does it affect each system?

and what causes it?
i’m looking for anything other than common stomach problems–such as acid reflux it may or may not cause
i don’t have any money–and an HMO with high copays–have been trying to find a PCP that will pay attention for 8 years-

if asking a paid professional was an option i would do it.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Symptoms can include insomnia, water retention ,recessed eyes, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches, abnormally low blood pressure, dry, hard, or foul smelling stools, constipation, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, burning of the mouth, sensitivity of the teeth to vinegar, and acid fruits, bumps on the tongue or roof of the mouth. These are just some of the symptoms that I found in the book I mentioned below. Hope this helps you out.

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Your Questions About Insomniac Games

Richard asks…

Which is your Top 5 favorite game company?

Mine: 1. Sony
2. Valve
3. Capcom
4. Rockstar Games
5. Bethesda Softworks

Jagex Game Studio
Guerrilla Games
Riot Games
Ubisoft Entertainment
Square Enix
Blizzard Entertainment
Rovio Moblie
Runic Games
Infinity Ward Studios
Treyarch Studios
EA Canada/Games
2K Games
Radical Entertainment
Valve Corp
Rockstar Games Studios
WestWood Studios
Microsoft Game Studios
Sony Computer Entertainment
SledgeHammer Games
Sucker Punch Productions
Zipper Interactive
Naughty Dog
Insomniac Games
Eat Sleep Play
Relic Entertainment
Incognito Entertainment
Epic Games
SCE Santa Monica Studio
LightBox Interactive
Take-Two Interactive
Ready at Dawn Studios
Bluepoint Game

Insomnia Stress answers:

1) Bethesda-for skyrim
2)Valve-for everything :) [team fortress 2, half life 2, left for dead 1, 2, portal 1, 2, etc...
3)Ubisoft-for Assassin's Creed games
4)for number 4, there is a tie; EA-Crysis, Rocksteady-for Arkham Asylum and City
5)Volition-for saints row series

Nancy asks…

Playstation 3 question?

What are some games you can play online with the ps3?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Blast Factor Bluepoint Games 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2006-11-11[6]
Genji: Days of the Blade Game Republic 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2006-11-11[7]
Mainichi Issho Sony Computer Entertainment N/A N/A 2006-11-11
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire Namco Bandai Games 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2006-11-11[7]
Resistance: Fall of Man Insomniac Games 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2006-11-11[7]
Ridge Racer 7 Namco Bandai Games 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2006-11-11[7]
Sega Golfclub featuring Miyazato Family Sega N/A N/A 2006-11-11[7]
Mahjong Kakutou Club Konami N/A N/A 2006-11-16[8]
Call of Duty 3 Treyarch 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2007-06-14
Cash Guns Chaos Sony Online Entertainment 2006-11-17[4] N/A N/A
Madden NFL 07 EA Tiburon 2006-11-17[4] N/A 2007-04-26
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Raven Software 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2007-06-28
NBA 07 SCEA 2006-11-17[4] N/A 2007-01-11
NBA 2K7 Visual Concepts 2006-11-17[4] 2007-04-27 N/A
Need for Speed: Carbon EA Canada 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2006-12-21
NHL 2K7 2K Sports 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] N/A
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 EA Sports 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] N/A
Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Neversoft Entertainment 2006-11-17[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2007-11-29
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Sony Online Entertainment 2006-11-17[4] 2007-05-04 2007-02-22
Mahjong Taikai IV Koei N/A N/A 2006-11-22
Fight Night Round 3 EA Chicago 2006-12-05[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2007-03-15
Full Auto 2: Battlelines Pseudo Interactive 2006-12-07[9] 2007-03-23[5] N/A
Go! Sudoku Sumo Digital 2006-12-07[4] 2007-04-06 N/A
Lemmings Team17 2006-12-07[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2006-12-01
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Ubisoft Romania 2006-12-12[4] 2007-03-23[5] 2007-07-05[10]
MotorStorm Evolution Studios 2007-03-06 2007-03-23[5] 2006-12-14
Armored Core 4 From Software 2007-03-20 2007-06-22 2006-12-21
Railfan: Chicago Transit Authority Brown Line Ongakukan N/A N/A 2006-12-21
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Team 2007-01-30 2007-03-23[5] 2006-12-21
Gran Turismo HD Polyphony Digital 2006-12-24 2007-03-23[5] 2006-12-24
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Namco Bandai Games 2007-03-01 2007-03-23[5] 2006-12-27
Formula One Championship Edition Studio Liverpool 2007-02-27 2007-03-23[5] 2006-12-28
GripShift Sidhe Interactive 2007-01-04 2007-03-23[5] N/A
Enchanted Arms From Software 2007-04-03 2007-03-23[5] 2007-01-25
Virtua Fighter 5 Sega-AM2 2007-02-20 2007-03-23[5] 2007-02-08
flOw thatgamecompany 2007-02-22 2007-04-06 2007-05-11
Q*bert Gottlieb 2007-02-22 2007-05-18 N/A
Major League Baseball 2K7 Kush Games 2007-02-26 N/A 2007-07-26[10]
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Omega Force 2007-08-28[11] 2007-11-09 2007-03-01
Def Jam: Icon EA Chicago 2007-03-06 2007-03-23[5] 2007-06-21
NBA Street: Homecourt EA Canada 2007-03-06 2007-03-23[5] 2007-05-24
Virtua Tennis 3 Sega-AM3 2007-03-20 2007-03-23[5] 2007-03-08
College Hoops 2K7 Visual Concepts 2007-03-13 N/A N/A
Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bethesda Softworks 2007-03-20 2007-04-27 2007-09-27[10]
Godfather: The Don’s EditionThe Godfather: The Don’s Edition Electronic Arts 2007-03-20 2007-04-20 2007-10-11
Mist of Chaos Neverland Co. N/A N/A 2007-03-22
World Snooker Championship 2007 Blade Interactive N/A 2007-03-23[5] N/A
Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 Koei N/A N/A 2007-03-29
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent Ubisoft Shanghai 2007-03-30 2007-03-30 N/A
Pro Yakyuu Spirits 4 Konami N/A N/A 2007-04-01
Super Rub ‘a’ Dub Sumo Digital 2007-05-02 2007-04-05 2007-05-25
Mortal Kombat II Digital Eclipse 2007-04-12 2007-06-08 N/A
F.E.A.R. Day 1 Studios 2007-04-24 2007-04-20 N/A
Gauntlet II Atari Games 2007-05-03 2007-06-29 N/A
Spider-Man 3 Treyarch 2007-05-04 2007-05-18 2007-10-17
Calling All Cars! Incognito Entertainment 2007-05-10 N/A 2007-05-25
Rampart Atari Games 2007-05-10 2007-06-15 N/A
MLB 07: The Show SCEA 2007-05-15 N/A N/A
Rampage World Tour Midway Games 2007-05-17 N/A N/A
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Eurocom 2007-05-22 2007-05-25 2007-12-06
Joust Digital Eclipse 2007-05-24 2007-06-15 N/A
Surf’s Up Ubisoft 2007-05-30 2007-08-03 N/A
Championship Sprint Atari Games 2007-05-31 2007-06-29 N/A
Go! Puzzle SCEE 2007-06-14 2007-06-01 N/A
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Team Ninja 2007-07-03 2007-07-06 2007-06-14
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Visual Concepts 2007-06-15 2007-06-15 N/A
Folklore Game Republic 2007-10-09 2007-10-12[12] 2007-06-21
Piyotama SCEI 2007-08-09 N/A 2007-06-22[13]
BigsThe Bigs Blue Castle Games 2007-06-25 N/A N/A
DarknessThe Darkness Starbreeze 2007-06-25 2007-07-20 N/A
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix EA UK 2007-06-25 2007-06-29 2007-11-22
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas Ubisoft Montreal 2007-06-26 2007-06-29 2007-06-28
Transformers: The Game Traveller’s Tales 2007-06-26 2007-07-20 2007-12-19
Super Stardust HD Housemarque 2007-06-28[14] 2007-06-29[15] 2007-06-29
Boku no Natsuyasumi 3 SCEI N/A N/A 2007-07-05[10]
Nucleus Kuju 2007-07-31 2007-07-12 2007-07-06[16]
Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail Ongakukan N/A N/A 2007-07-12[17]
All-Pro Football 2K8 Visual Concepts 2007-07-16[18] N/A N/A
NCAA Football 08 EA Tiburon 2007-07-17[18] N/A N/A
NASCAR 08 EA Tiburon 2007-07-23[19] 2007-09-21 N/A
Everybody’s Golf 5 Clap Hanz N/A N/A 2007-07-26[10]
Wangan Midnight Genki N/A N/A 2007-07-26[10]
Madden NFL 08 EA Tiburon 2007-08-14[18] 2007-10-10 N/A
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Red Storm Entertainment 2007-08-21[18] 2007-08-24[20] 2007-11-08
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 EA Tiburon 2007-08-28[18] 2007-10-21 N/A
Warhawk Incognito Entertainment 2007-08-28[18] 2007-08-30[12] 2007-10-04
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War Omega Force 2007-11-06 2007-11-02 2007-08-30[10]
Lair Factor 5 2007-08-30 2007-11-09 2007-10-11
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Backbone Entertainment 2007-08-30 N/A N/A
Colin McRae: DiRT Codemasters 2007-09-11[11] 2007-09-14 N/A
NHL 08 EA Canada 2007-09-11 2007-09-21 N/A
NHL 2K8 2K Sports 2007-09-10[11] 2007-11-02 N/A
Heavenly Sword Ninja Theory 2007-09-12[21] 2007-09-14[22] 2007-11-15
High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition Sony Online Entertainment 2007-09-13 N/A N/A
Megazone 23: Aoi Garland Compile Heart N/A N/A 2007-09-13[23]
PixelJunk Racer Q-Games 2007-09-13 N/A 2007-09-20
Stuntman: Ignition Paradigm Entertainment 2007-09-17 2007-09-28 2007-12-13
LocoRoco Cocoreccho! Sony Computer Entertainment 2007-09-21 2007-09-20 2007-09-21
skate. EA Black Box 2007-09-24 2007-10-12 N/A[7]
World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets Left Field Productions 2007-09-25 2007-12-07 N/A
Record of Agarest War Compile Heart N/A N/A 2007-09-27[23]
Conan Nihilistic Software 2007-10-23 2007-09-28 2007-12-06
FIFA 08 EA Canada 2007-10-09 2007-09-28 2007-12-20
Go! Sports Ski Yuke’s 2007-10-04 2007-11-01 2007-09-28
Ratatouille Heavy Iron Studios 2007-10-23 2007-09-28 2007-11-22
Sega Rally Revo SEGA Racing Studio 2007-10-09 2007-09-28 2008-01-31
NBA Live 08 EA Canada 2007-10-02 2007-10-05 2007-11-08
NBA 08 SCEA 2007-10-02 N/A N/A
NBA 2K8 Visual Concepts 2007-10-02 2007-11-23 N/A
Everyday Shooter Queasy Games 2007-10-11 N/A N/A
Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground Neversoft Entertainment 2007-10-15 2007-11-02 N/A
Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Juice Games 2007-10-22 2007-10-26 2008-01-17
Clive Barker’s Jericho Mercury Steam 2007-10-23 2007-10-26 N/A
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Insomniac Games 2007-10-23 2007-11-09[12] 2007-11-11
Eye of JudgmentThe Eye of Judgment SCEI 2007-10-24 2007-10-26[12] 2007-10-25[24]
Imabikisou Chunsoft N/A N/A 2007-10-25[10]
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Konami N/A 2007-10-26 N/A
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Neversoft 2007-10-28 2007-11-23 2007-12-20
John Woo Presents Stranglehold Midway Games 2007-10-29[25] 2007-11-30 N/A
Simpsons GameThe Simpsons Game Electronic Arts 2007-10-30 2007-11-09 N/A
G1 Jockey 4 Koei N/A N/A 2007-11-01[10]
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Infinity Ward 2007-11-05 2007-11-09 2007-12-13
Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII Ubisoft Romania 2007-11-06 2007-11-30 N/A
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Traveller’s Tales 2007-11-06 2007-11-09 N/A
WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2008 Yuke’s 2007-11-13 2007-11-09 N/A
Dynasty Warriors 6 Omega Force 2008-03-25 N/A 2007-11-11
Assassin’s Creed Ubisoft Montreal 2007-11-13 2007-11-16 N/A
Beowulf Ubisoft 2007-11-13 2007-11-23 N/A
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men IO Interactive 2007-11-13 2007-11-23 N/A
Need for Speed: ProStreet EA Black Box 2007-11-13 2007-11-23 2008-01-31
Soldier of Fortune: Payback Cauldron HQ 2007-11-13 N/A N/A
Medal of Honor: Airborne EALA 2007-11-19 2007-11-16 2007-12-20
Time Crisis 4 Nex Entertainment 2007-11-20 2007-11-18[12] 2007-12-20
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Naughty Dog 2007-11-19 2007-12-07 2007-12-06
College Hoops 2K8 Visual Concepts 2007-11-19 N/A N/A
TimeShift Saber Interactive 2007-11-19 N/A N/A
The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific Activision 2007-11-20 N/A N/A
Rock Band Harmonix Music Systems 2007-11-20 N/A N/A
Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering IslesThe Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Bethesda Softworks 2007-11-20 N/A N/A
Orange BoxThe Orange Box Valve Corporation 2007-11-23 2007-12-11 N/A
Golden CompassThe Golden Compass Shiny Entertainment N/A 2007-11-30 N/A
BlackSite: Area 51 Midway Austin 2007-12-10 N/A N/A
NCAA March Madness 08 EA Canada 2007-12-11 N/A N/A
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Polyphony Digital N/A 2008-03-26 2007-12-13
MX vs. ATV Untamed THQ 2007-12-17 N/A N/A
Cabela’s Monster Bass Activision 2008-01-08 N/A N/A
NFL Tour EA Sports 2008-01-08 N/A N/A
Burnout Paradise Criterion Games 2008-01-22 2008-01-25 N/A
Dark Sector Digital Extremes 2008-02-26 2008-01-22 N/A
Ferrari Challenge System 3 N/A 2008-01-26 N/A
Devil May Cry 4 Capcom 2008-02-05 2008-02-08 2008-01

Linda asks…

Poll: Wat ur favorite Video game company?

Pick 5
mine is : Rockstar Game Studios, Guerrilla Games, Ubisoft Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Blizzard Entertainment

Jagex Game Studio
Guerrilla Games
Riot Games
Ubisoft Entertainment
Square Enix
Blizzard Entertainment
Rovio Moblie
Runic Games
Infinity Ward Studios
Treyarch Studios
EA Canada/Games
2K Games
Radical Entertainment
Valve Corp
Rockstar Games Studios
WestWood Studios
Microsoft Game Studios
Sony Computer Entertainment
SledgeHammer Games
Sucker Punch Productions
Zipper Interactive
Naughty Dog
Insomniac Games
Eat Sleep Play
Relic Entertainment
Incognito Entertainment
Epic Games
SCE Santa Monica Studio
LightBox Interactive
Take-Two Interactive
Ready at Dawn Studios
Bluepoint Game

Insomnia Stress answers:

Riot Games
Ubisoft Entertainment
Square Enix
Infinity Ward Studios
Treyarch Studios
EA Canada/Games
Rockstar Games Studios
Sony Computer Entertainment
SledgeHammer Games
Naughty Dog
Insomniac Games

Carol asks…

namco, insomniac, or naughtydog.?

im just wondering which company people like better?
i accidentally put a period and a question mark, my bad.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Namco. It’s been my favorite company which still has the best games, some of them are my favorite. It has the popular/famous games that people knew and as well there are others that Namco has made so far.

I knew some of them from Namco: which they are popular or famous, and some of the others that are not.
Xenosaga series
Tekken series
Soulcalibur series
Death by Degrees
R: Racing Evolution
Time Crisis series
I-Ninja (lol, I remember this one!)
There are others. And it is the company that made Pac-Man! =D

Ruth asks…

Spyro: What happened to Elora?

She only appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Why was she rejected? She was a good character! I fail to see what’s wrong about her…

Insomnia Stress answers:

The first three spyro games on ps1 were the best. Insomniac games stopped developing after the first 3 spyro games. Maybe universal didn’t like the character.

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Your Questions About Insomnia Quotes

Ruth asks…

Please explain/translate these quotes from Macbeth?

”…that but this blow might be the be-all and the end-all here,” (before the death of King Duncan)


”You lack the seasons of all natures, sleep.” (Lady Macbeth to Macbeth)


Insomnia Stress answers:

The great loss is the natural sleep. Sleep is the reward of the day. Because Macbeth and Lady Macbeth give up their innocence, they lose the good sleep. “Nature seems dead, and wicked dreams abuse the curtained sleep(53).” “You lack the season of all natures, sleep,” says Lady Macbeth to Macbeth(109). Their sleep is no longer natural. It is forced by them. Their conscience will no longer let them rest. It wants them to suffer for their sins. The doctor observes, “A great perturbation in nature, to receive at/ once the benefit of sleep and do the effects of watching(161).” Macbeth is a slave to his insomnia and Lady Macbeth is very disturbed and walks in her sleep, trying to rub away the traces of her crime. “That were the slaves of drink and thralls of sleep?”(113). They are now slaves to the torture by the evil that they have committed.

Chris asks…

Can somebody give me a list of Stephen King’s books by date (“Carrie”–”Lisey’s Story”)There’s puppy dogs, …

… Ice Cream and points in it if ya start answerin! *Quoting Glory*

Insomnia Stress answers:

Novels and short fiction collections
1974 Carrie
1975 ’Salem’s Lot +
1977 Rage (as Richard Bachman)
1977 The Shining
1978 Night Shift (stories)
1978 The Stand +
1979 The Dead Zone
1979 The Long Walk (as Richard Bachman)
1980 Firestarter
1981 Cujo
1981 Road Work (as Richard Bachman)
1982 The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger +
1982 Different Seasons (novellas)
1982 The Running Man (as Richard Bachman)
1983 Christine
1983 Pet Sematary
1983 Cycle of the Werewolf (illustrated by Bernie Wrightson)
1984 The Talisman (written with Peter Straub) +
1984 Thinner (as Richard Bachman) +
1985 Skeleton Crew (stories) +
1985 The Bachman Books (novel collection)
1986 It +
1987 The Eyes of the Dragon +
1987 Misery
1987 The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three +
1988 The Tommyknockers
1989 The Dark Half
1989 Dolan’s Cadillac (limited edition)
1989 My Pretty Pony (limited edition)
1990 The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition +
1990 Four Past Midnight (stories)
1991 Needful Things
1991 The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands +
1992 Gerald’s Game
1993 Dolores Claiborne
1993 Nightmares & Dreamscapes (stories)
1994 Insomnia +
1995 Rose Madder +
1995 Umney’s Last Case
1996 The Green Mile (originally published as a monthly serial consisting of six parts: The Two Dead Girls, The Mouse on the Mile, Coffey’s Hands, The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix, Night Journey, and Coffey on the Mile)
1996 Desperation +
1996 The Regulators (as Richard Bachman) +
1997 Six Stories (stories)
1997 The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass +
1998 Bag of Bones +
1999 Storm of the Century
1999 The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
1999 The New Lieutenant’s Rap (limited edition)
1999 Hearts in Atlantis +
2000 Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing (contains both fiction and non-fiction)
2001 Dreamcatcher
2001 Black House (sequel to The Talisman; written with Peter Straub) +
2002 From a Buick 8 +
2002 Everything’s Eventual: 14 Dark Tales (stories) +
2003 The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger (revised edition) +
2003 The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla +
2004 The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah +
2004 The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower +
2004 The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Pop-up book)
2005 The Colorado Kid
2006 Cell
2006 Lisey’s Story
2007 Duma Key, currently in the works
2007 Blaze, unpublished book

[edit] Non-fiction
1981 Danse Macabre
1988 Nightmares in the Sky (gargoyle photo book with text by King; photos by f-stop fitzgerald)
2000 Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing (contains both fiction and non-fiction)
2000 On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
2005 Faithful: Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season (cowritten with Stewart O’Nan)

[edit] Original audiobooks
2000 Blood and Smoke (audio book)
2006 Stationary Bike (audio-book)

[edit] Original ebooks
2000 Riding the Bullet
2000 The Plant: Book 1-Zenith Rising

[edit] Comics
1982 Creepshow (comic book, illustrated by Bernie Wrightson)
2006 The Secretary of Dreams (a limited edition in two volumes, the first to be released in the second half of 2006)
2007 The Dark Tower (monthly comic book series, pencilled by Jae Lee, to be released by Marvel Comics starting in February, 2007 onward)

[edit] Unpublished work
1959 Charlie (unpublished short story)
1963 The Aftermath (unpublished novel)
1970 Sword in the Darkness (unpublished novel)
1973 Blaze (an unpublished novel)
1974 The House on Value Street (unpublished and unfinished)
1976 Welcome to Clearwater (unpublished and unfinished)
1976 The Corner (unpublished and unfinished)
1977 Wimsey (unpublished and unfinished)
1983 The Leprechaun (unpublished and unfinished)
1983 The Cannibals (aka Under the Dome) (unpublished, likely unfinished)
1984 Keyholes (unpublished and unfinished)
1996 The Pretender (unpublished and unfinished)

John asks…

Is it possible that I have insomnia?

So, I’m 13. I turn 14 in April. And I never get enough sleep. I go to sleep around 2:30 or 3:00 a.m every night. On schooldays I have to get up at 6:00 a.m… and I’m tired the entire day, like I’m falling asleep in class. But at night, at like 9:30 I’ll try to make myself go to bed but I can’t. I just lie awake for hours.

I didn’t think kids could have insomnia, but I’m pretty sure I have it. I don’t think I’ve gone to bed before 2:00 a.m in about two months.

Also, if I do have insomnia, how can I stop it? What triggered the insomnia?

oh sorry this is under diseases.. i don’t think insomnia is a disease.. sorry bout that

Insomnia Stress answers:

Get yourself to the docs and explain the situation – try not to go down the medication route if you can avoid it – you’re too young for a start. Maybe see if there is an underlying reason why you can’t sleep eg if you are worrying or maybe have a medical condition – though don’t quote me on that. I know how awful it feels i hope you get better soon :)

Sandra asks…

Is this quote from Fight Club from the movie or the book?

“For six months I couldn’t sleep. With insomnia, nothing’s real. Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy.”

I know it’s definately in the movie but was it in the book because I can’t find it and i need to cite my information.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Don’t know about the book but it is in the movie.

Steven asks…

Good food that goes along with the book Insomnia??(Stephen King)?

I have a project to make a food that goes with the book. I have to use quotes from the book to show why. Any ideas on the food.

Insomnia Stress answers:

For me, grapes, like a midnight snack if I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

I know the main character is an old man. Read the book so long ago but loved it! I think the abusive husband in this is taken over by some alien force or something. I don’t remember. :/

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Your Questions About Fatigue

Mark asks…

Fatigue and leg pain?

For almost a year now I’ve had horrible fatigue and pain. The pain is mostly in my hips and legs, especially this one spot on my left thigh. Most of the time it’s achy, but sometimes it feels like I’m getting stabbed with a knife. My legs often tingle and feel weak. After getting full nights of rest, i often feel unrefreshed and tired Throughout the day. I’ve gone to many doctors including orthopedics, rheumatologists, and endocrinologists. They have done blood work, X-rays, and even a lumbar spine mri. Everything comes up clear… Any ideas about anything they could be missing?

Insomnia Stress answers:

You seem to have a fatigue problem. Perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in The super food Spirulina is another good energy booster.

One of the most common fatigue causes is anxiety, which is known to effect 40 million U.S. Adults each year. Anxiety is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort. Anxiety disorders make up the largest mental illness diagnosis in the U.S.

Besides anxiety there are many other common fatigue causes such as insufficient sleep, too much sleep, under eating, thyroid problems or other illnesses (such as anemia, mononucleosis, CFS, glandular fever and many others), side effects from medication, dehydration, overexertion, an unhealthy diet and other causes as discussed in

Robert asks…

Feeling Fatigued and Groggy?

For, like, the past three weeks, I’ve been feeling extremely fatigued, groggy, and dull. Like, out of the blue. It’s not “Ohemgee, imma faint” tired, just “man, I hate school, so boring, I wanna sleep”. It’s dull and constant, and I just wanna sleep all the time. My eyes usually feel moderately heavy.

I think that it has to do with lower amounts of sleep (?) For instance, school just started, and my schedule is messed up. I have a lot of priorities and I’m a teenager, so I usually go to bed at around nine-ten-ish and fall asleep one or two hours later, sometimes more, and wake up at seven. I’m about fourteen, so I dunno how much sleep I need?

It could be PMS too. It’s coming around to my time of the month, and I do have headaches during that time. TMI, srry y’all.

I’m just worried its something else, cuz it’s bothering my grades. I’m just bored with school compared to before, and my body wants to sleep all the time, but I don’t wanna, if that makes sense? Sometimes I wanna hit something. The next min I wanna fall asleep. Mostly fall asleep…

Idk…. I’ve never felt this before. It’s… Weird. Usually I adapt to sleeping times more comfortably. Just worried, is all. Is it something else? And no, I don’t think it’s an iron deficiency. I’m not vegetarian and I eat chicken at least three times per month, usually once or twice every 1-2 weeks or more. I think I’m good.

But I feel like c r a p.

Insomnia Stress answers:

You seem to have a fatigue problem. Perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in The super food Spirulina is another good energy booster.

One of the most common fatigue causes is anxiety, which is known to effect 40 million U.S. Adults each year. Anxiety is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort. Anxiety disorders make up the largest mental illness diagnosis in the U.S.

Besides anxiety there are many other common fatigue causes such as insufficient sleep, too much sleep, under eating, thyroid problems or other illnesses (such as anemia, mononucleosis, CFS, glandular fever and many others), side effects from medication, dehydration, overexertion, an unhealthy diet and other causes as discussed in

Sandra asks…

Extremely fatigued every day?

Hi! I am a 17 year old girl, 5’6″ 115 pounds and I am always extremely fatigued. I have many problems because of this. I wish to be a doctor and am scared I will not make it through school.
-I had mononucleosis when I was 13
-I was diagnosed with anxiety and have been successfully treated with Zoloft since I was 15
-I have chronic neck pain and migraines because of the neck pain (straight spine)
-I have been diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)
-I don’t get any physical activity because of the fatigue
-I have been fatigued since I had mono at age 13
-I do not have anemia but had low faritin levels (successfully treated with iron supplements)
-I was tested for viruses which came up positive for herpes 5, maxed out chicken pox levels (zoster virus) (never ha chicken pox in the past), adenovirus, cytomegalovirus and was on lysine and valtrex for 3 months
-I am not depressed :) surprise!
I’d say I’m in fairly good health minus being soooo tired all the time! I’m tired of being tired! Help :( please <3

Insomnia Stress answers:

You seem to have a fatigue problem. Perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in The super food Spirulina is another good energy booster.

One of the most common fatigue causes is anxiety, which is known to effect 40 million U.S. Adults each year. Anxiety is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort. Anxiety disorders make up the largest mental illness diagnosis in the U.S.

Besides anxiety there are many other common fatigue causes such as insufficient sleep, too much sleep, thyroid problems or other illnesses (such as CFS, glandular fever and many others), side effects from medication, dehydration, overexertion, an unhealthy diet and other causes as discussed in

Nancy asks…


While I diet, I always feel fatigued, sick and tired. Does anyone know any cures for this that DOES NOT INVOLVE FOOD?
I’m 17 years old

Insomnia Stress answers:

Well you have already made the association between your diet and your fatigue. What really makes you think the answer doesn’t involve food? It could be a lack of vitamins, but it could also be a lack of nutrients as well, such as carbs or protein. Somehow you diet is imbalanced, but I couldn’t tell you what your imbalance is without knowing what exactly your diet consists of.

I would just avoid this diet since you know it’s making you fatigued, and go get out and exercise instead.

James asks…

fatigue, exhaustion, head pressure?

33-year-old male, hispanic

Since May, I have been dealing with at times severe fatigue, or exhaustion.

Every day I either have exhaustion, fatigue (tiredness, lethargy), and lately head pressure (kind of like a low-grade migraine that lasts for hours and is not helped by laying down or taking aspirin).

I’ve had blood work CBC, FMP, lipase, AMA, Rheumatoid factor, testosterone, thyroid studies, diabetes blood test, cardiac stress test, Vit B12, Vit D, abdominal CT SCAN, chest x-ray, colonoscopy/endoscopy, stool sample for blood….

the only thing I had in July was deficiency for Vit D. In October my numbers were well within the normal range. I’ve been taking supplements for five months now and I really feel no better…..

The fatigue works like this: either I get exhaustion (I think if I hit the gym or something) four 4-5 hours where I just want to nap, or I get fatigue for hours or I get these weird headaches for hours that feel like pressure all around my cranium. The headaches often come with fatigue but sometimes not.

Any other blood tests I can take? I don’t even know what to say to my doctor anymore, other than I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I thought maybe I have chronic fatigue syndrome, but really I only have the fatigue/exhaustion half of the day (or night too!) and not all of the other constellation of symptoms these people experience. What’s going on?
Additional Details
In July, i did show positive for mono (EP Virus) but the doc said “the results only tell me that you were infected in the last 10 years, so it could have been yesterday or 10 years ago.”
I read mono resolves itself much sooner than 7 months

Insomnia Stress answers:

Have you been tested for sleep apnea? They have you do a sleep study where they monitor you overnight to see if you stop breathing at night. Something else to consider is Lyme disease, which would be more likely if you live in a Lyme-endemic area such as the northeastern United States. Another cause of fatigue is depression, so if you have felt depressed and/or lost interest in doing things you once enjoyed, then this could be a possibility. Migraines can also cause fatigue in some patients, so if everything else has been ruled out, perhaps a trial of migraine medication would be worthwhile. Chronic fatigue syndrome is something that would be considered if all other causes of fatigue were ruled out. Good luck.

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Your Questions About Insomniac Games

Linda asks…

What Game would you recommend?

I am on PS3 and have been getting bored of my games lately. I will list below all the games I currently own, so you guys won’t repeat it.

COD: Black Ops
NBA 2K11
Killzone 3
LittleBigPlanet 2 (Don’t make fun of me, :p)
NFS: Hot Pursuit
Motorstorm Apocalypse

I am into FPS, Action, anything that is action oriented.
Please recommend game or games that you enjoy playing!

Insomnia Stress answers:

Well if you liked the first inFAMOUS then you’ll love inFAMOUS 2 that just came out, and the Sly Raccoon trilogy, which is a HD collection of all the Sly Raccoon games that Sucker Punch Studios made before moving onto inFAMOUS.

Of course there’s Resistance 1 and 2, very good shooters with an epic story and giant boss monsters that tear through cities.

Also made by Insomniac games, the Ratchet and Clank: Future trilogy is comprised of some of the best R&C games, full of cartoony violence, dark humour and an arsenal of ridiculously powerful weapons.

Uncharted 1 and 2, made by the legendary Naughty Dog, movie quality acting and beautiful visuals accompany the tight 3rd person shooting and climbing gameplay.

The Orange Box is a great collection of games, and even though Team Fortress 2 doesn’t work so well, it still comes with Portal and a collection of Half Life 2 and it’s episodic expansions.

If you liked Motorstorm Apocalypse, then you should give Motorstom Pacific Rift a go, same fun gameplay but on a beautiful tropical island and a badass track list to listen to.

And of course there are your average games that are must-haves for your collection, notably including.
-Assassin’s Creed 1, 2 and Brotherhood.
-COD World at War.
-Bioshock 1 and 2.
-Mass Effect 1 and 2.
-Star Wars the Force Unleashed 1 and 2.
-Red Dead Redemption.

Hope that list gives you a good starting point.

Mary asks…

ratchet and clank future games?

Hey im just curios, does anyone no if insomniac will make a new ratchet and clank game?

Insomnia Stress answers:

They might make some spin-offs for the series, but that latest game wrapped up the storyline. I don;t think they are gonna make any new games in the main series at least.

William asks…

Don’t you miss the old Spyro games?

I remember the games like Spyro: The Dragon, Spyro: Riptos Rage, and Spyro: Year of the dragon.

I miss it sooooo much, they are for the original Playstation and from the very early 2000′s like 2000, 2001 period. I had all three and lost them. I still have Year of the dragon though.

The new ones are crap! =p

Remember the professor? And the portals?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Ah, yes…I miss the old Insomniac trio…Back when dragons breathed fire, dragonflies made a buzzing sound, portals took you places instead of any random object…

And they’ve even changed the characters themselves. What ever happened to Moneybags as a rich old miser? And Spyro himself…

The non-Insomniac games are heartbreaking. Spyro, where are you? What have they done to you?

George asks…

Which PS3 Game should i buy ??! (Best answer?!)?

Now the choices are:

1. Resistance 2

2. NFS : Undercover

3. Tom Clancy’s EndWar

4. Call of Duty World at War

5. Socom Confrontation

now i have seen the reviews for all of these games, but i rly cant decide which one to buy, they all sound pretty good, please help me out, fastest answer with best reason why i should buy gets the best answer! thx :)

Insomnia Stress answers:

Either Resistance 2 or Call of Duty World at War.

First pick being Resistance 2.

Made by very talented developers, Insomniac Games. The first Resistance was good, 2nd should be better no?

WWII COD games have been done but if you’re not tired of WWII genre games or if you haven’t played one yet, this is the best there is in this genre. Treyarch is just as good at making COD games as Infinity Ward. So maybe buy one and rent the other?

NFS? Failing franchise with rehashed games made by EA Blackbox every year.

EndWar? Usually a fan of Tom Clancy games but not a fan of RTS. But it is Ubisoft so the game can’t be that bad.

Socom Confrontation? Wait a bit longer to buy this one. Many fans of this game are unhappy. Slant Six is working on patches to make this game run better. But don’t look for any graphics to improve.

Ken asks…

I am completely new to FPS games?

I am completely new to FPS game but i just bought black ops. The only shooter i have ever played before was Ratchet and Clank 1-4
Can someone give me tips or a really good guide for complete beginners because when i looked online all i found was guides for people new to black ops but had knowledge of FPS
Whenever i do multiplayer i literally die after 20 seconds of walking around and im lucky if i get 1 kill

Insomnia Stress answers:

If you have a PS3, I recommend you to get Resistance: Fall Of Man and 2. I’m not a FPS gamer too, but I’m gonna start playing with these series, and then, jump to Half-Life and then Killzone. Resistance it’s a pretty cool FPS, since was made by Insomniac Games(Ratchet & Clank).

My first FPS was CoD 3, and I sucked on it, get killed every time.

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Your Questions About Fatigued To Fantastic

Betty asks…

Always sick. I am always in pain. stiff or sore. i have days when i feel sick and then days when i hurt ?

I am always in pain. stiff or sore my hip bones hurt all the time my knees and my back continuously hurt me, i have headaches so often and they are horrible, i had to go the emergency rom they aid i had a cluster headache. there are times when i don’t want to move. oh yeah i’m only 16! there seems t always be something that hurts me, i’m never just ok. i’m going to the doctors but i want other peoples opinions or experiences. i have been in pain like this for a while. i’m wondering what could be wrong and y am i always hurting or not feeling well. there are times when i feel like i have the flu and then the next day i am fine. my hands hurt so bad sometimes my wrists hurt. i get these throbbing sharp pains in my arms that make it almost impossiable to move my fingers for the few seconds that they are there. when i get headaches it feels like my brain is swollen for a few seconds and it hurts soooo bad. what could be wrong with me?!

Insomnia Stress answers:

You may have fibromyalgia, the aching-all-over-disease. I am 56, but developed fibromyalgia when I was 39. Much younger people, even children can have it.

You hurt everywhere, but their are eighteen tender points that doctors press on lightly and if you yelp (because this touch would not hurt anybody without fibro.) you are diagnosed with this painful malady. Yes, and you feel like you have the flu, you don’t sleep well, and you have brain fog.

I would advise going to your library and getting some books on the subject. Read them and see if you think you have it. Tell your family doctor about what you have discovered. A good book is From Fatigued to Fantastic! By Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. His website is informative too. Go to You should find a questionnaire that may diagnose you. Good Luck.

Laura asks…

Help! My body is starting to ache after gardening etc.?

Hi – I’m pretty desperate to find some answers (apart from prayer!) I have picked the brains of several health professionals such as doctors, naturopaths, digestive disorders centre, RPAH allergy clinic and dietician, RNSH allergy clinic and Dr/Naturopath combinations. There are differing opinions!! So confusing for the average person. You may know that the bowel plays a major part in the health of our whole body. As I have had digestive probs. over the years I am convinced that my diet has the greatest influence here. Apart from omitting yeast, sugar, excessive carbohydrate, pesticides, food additives, processed foods and other factors such as excessive salicylates, is there anything else I should be thinking about? I am not a coeliac and do not have Chrohn’s disease. NB. The digestive dis. clinic Dr believes this is usually caused by a bug and I have tried the heavy antibiotic (effective but bug came back) but not prepared to take ALL the ones he is now suggesting. Thanks.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Consider adding some things to your diet. Maybe you could take a good multivitamin like the ones TwinLabs makes. Perhaps calcium/magnesium/zinc. Switch to sea salt. Bowel problems can interfere with the absorption of nutrients. Are you getting enough protein, fiber and beneficial fats? Perhaps some of the herbal supplements would help. Ginseng has some interesting powers, but some people have side effects. I’ve read people claiming MSM to be a cure all.

I’m assuming you eat plenty of leafy greens and all that.. Make sure you aren’t eating anything that makes your body too acidic. Stay hydrated.

I really don’t know though. Good luck, I hope you figure something out.

This book may help:
From Fatigued to Fantastic by Teitelbaum, M.D.

(p.s. This book mentions cases exactly like yours)

p.s. Oh, and try alternating hot and cold water in the shower. Go as cold as you can handle, maybe 2 minutes hot, 2 cold, back and forth a few more times.

William asks…

I’m pregnant and can’t get horny.?

My husband and I have been together for over four years & will be sexually active together for four years next month. One week ago we found out I was pregnant which was terrific news since we were trying to conceive. I went to the doctor and got everything confirmed and the doctor said I am approx 3 weeks along which would be about 4 weeks along now. My doctor will not see me until I am 8 weeks pregnant so I don’t know who to ask for help on this. My husband and I have always had a fantastic relationship, including in (and out) of the bedroom. We both also receive pleasure AT LEAST 90% of the time we are active. Since we found out I am pregnant though I have had some trouble just getting into bed. I am attracted to my husband and I do WANT to do it, but I just can’t get in the mood. This is the longest we have ever gone without getting busy. Is this normal when women become pregnant? What can I do to put my mind back in the mood? Please nothing perverted. I am serious.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Hormonal changes can cause this.

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s hormones, emotions and physical well-being fluctuate wildly. These factors can affect her sex drive. During the first trimester, fatigue and the nausea caused by hormones usually reduce the woman’s sex drive. During the second trimester, most women experience a renewed sense of energy and vigor, and their sex drive often returns or even increases. The third trimester is often similar to the first in that the woman might be physically tired and full of aches and pains due to the heavy weight she is carrying. There are some things a couple can try, however, to gently increase a woman’s sex drive during pregnancy.
.Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Instructions..(click 1st link)
During the first trimester, the sex drive during pregnancy is usually lower than it may be during the rest of the pregnancy. Your sex drive can change as often as your cravings. During the first trimester, however, you are dealing with morning sickness, the added weight, fatigue, and many times, not enjoying the way you look. However, once you reach the second trimester you have more energy, are beginning to be excited about being pregnant, and you become more interested in your partner once again.
Is it normal for my sex drive to increase or decrease during pregnancy?
Actually, both of these possibilities are normal (and so is everything in between). Many pregnant women find that symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, breast tenderness, and the increased need to urinate make sex too bothersome, especially during the first trimester. Generally, fatigue and nausea subside during the second trimester, and some women find that their desire for sex increases.


Robert asks…

The Philadelphia Eagles?

From week 1 to week 16 the Eagles were consistent and everyone was talking about their unstoppable offense leading up to the week 17 game, but now 2 weeks later, everyone is saying Dallas beat an Eagles team that wasn’t even that good compared to previous seasons. Explain this to me, how a team goes from “great” to nada. This isn’t bragging or at all related to the vikings game, but a legit question from me
for the record, I am a Dallas fan but have all the respect in the world for the Eagles team and I really like McNabb, if they’d of won I’d be going for them to go all the way

Insomnia Stress answers:

Mcnabb was having a fantastic year, but westbrook got hurt too much and mcnabb is getting older so he gets more arm fatigue then say, peyton mannings

Steven asks…


has anyone experienced dehydration while breastfeeding especially in the beginning? I have been dizzy and TMI, my urine is always yellow no matter how much water I drink…I feel like I can’t drink enough. If Im pumping 24 oz of milk a day which I was told is mostly water… than how can I possibly catch up on having enough water?
Could this be limiting my supply of milk as well?
I am pumping and breastfeeding, sometimes pumping is better for me.

Insomnia Stress answers:

I would guess that your dizziness is more a matter of fatigue and still recovering from childbirth, not dehydration.

Is there any particular reason you are pumping rather than breastfeeding? Spending all day hooked to a pump is likely adding to your fatigue and making things worse. If you can just nurse your baby (speak to a lactation consultant if you’ve been unable to get baby to latch on), you can rest while you nurse, and you’ll start to feel better.

(BTW, 24 ounces, esp. From a pump, is fantastic this early on. You have PLENTY of milk.)

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Your Questions About Insomnia Symptoms

Chris asks…

symptoms of sleeping disorder insomnia?

What are symptoms of insomnia?

Insomnia Stress answers:

My sister has/had insomnia and she cant fall asleep until like 3am.

Example: she will get in bed around 11,and is really tired but cant fall asleep,until 3am.
She went to the vitamin shop and got a pill that makes her body relax and help her fall asleepearlierr.

So its Prettyy much..that you just cant fall asleep.

Thomas asks…

is insomnia a symptom of add?

my son is 12 i wanted to give him a sleeping aide, so i asked the pharmist want would work for him?he does not recomend that i give him anything and to chek him for add! my son has been like this for a long time and i would like to get some sleep too!

Insomnia Stress answers:

It is for ADHD. He must not be on any medication for this, which is even worse on the sleep!
Get him checked out by the doctor. Insomnia is a symptom, but is one for a lot of things.
It is said us with ADD/ADHD start there day when everyone else is finishing theres. Which is true for our family. Three of us our diagnosed. Only one now is on meds for it.
Good luck and I wish you much sleep!

Betty asks…

Is this symptoms of insomnia?

At night i dont sleep, maybe for like an hour.
like right now its almost 2am and i feel no need to sleep.
it happens every night, and i can be extremely tired, but i just will not sleep no matter what.
if i try to sleep my mind just keeps going and thinking and worrying and i cant rest, finally around 5am it stops. i dont know why

Insomnia Stress answers:

You may be experiencing insomnia, these are the symptoms:
Have trouble falling asleep. This can mean lying in bed for up to an hour or more, tossing and turning, waiting to fall asleep.
Wake up and have trouble falling back to sleep.
Wake up too early in the morning.
Feel tired when they wake up, as if they didn’t get enough sleep.
Feel grouchy, sleepy, or anxious, and be unable to get things done during the daytime.
If any of these occur you may be insomniac

Good luck :)

Sharon asks…

What causes Insomnia?

I have been having problems getting to sleep over the past 3-4 days, I go to bed around 1am and can never get to sleep. I am only able to get to sleep if I take Tylenol PM AND Alteril (somnia latoril) If I am lucky. I went to bed last night at 1:30am and didn’t get to sleep at all and ended up giving up and getting out of bed at 8:30am.

I’m only 14 and I need my sleep, should I be worried about this? Is it worth going to the doctor about? And if so, which doctor should I visit?

Is it another problem that is causing the insomnia? Is there a temporary solution that I can use to get to sleep?

If someone could please give me an answer as soon as they can, it is much appreciated.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Insomnia is a symptom, not a stand-alone diagnosis or a disease, of any of several sleep disorders.

From my experience, insomnia occurs when a person is either depressed or very worried. My mother told me when I was little and didn’t want to go to bed, to clear my mind of all thoughts and then I will fall asleep.

I’m 18 now, and the mind clearing doesn’t work anymore. I too have some kind of a sleep disorder and I know how difficult it is to convince your brain that everything is normal and it should rest.

Btw, if you don’t sleep from 1 am to 8 am, thn when do you sleep? I presume you do sleep sometime…

Richard asks…

Do you think i have insomnia?

i feel so sleepy in the afternoon but at night i just can’t sleep. Sometimes i am so sleepy at night but i just can’t sleep?

Insomnia Stress answers:

It isn’t always easy to detect insomnia symptoms. That’s because they are sometimes masked by symptoms of other health conditions. Insomnia basically means that a person is having a hard time falling asleep or remaining asleep. There are two different types of insomnia. Secondary insomnia refers to sleep problems that are caused by other medical conditions. Secondary insomnia is the most common form of insomnia. Primary insomnia is a separate disorder in and of itself.

Pay close attention to your sleep pattern. This is one of the most noticeable symptoms of insomnia. Waking up repeatedly throughout the night, or waking up too early in the morning are insomnia symptoms.

Be aware of your state of mind during the day. Insomnia can leave you feeling drowsy or sluggish during the day. You may have a hard time concentrating or remaining alert. You may also feel anxious, depressed or irritable. People who have insomnia also report that they don’t feel rested when they wake up in the morning.

Look for physical symptoms. Insomnia can take a toll on the body. It can cause gastrointestinal problems and tension headaches. Heart disease can be a secondary symptom. Studies indicate that chronic insomnia can cause problems with the heart and central nervous system.

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Your Questions About Fatigue Symptoms

David asks…

What are the symptoms of Swine Flu?

I was wondering what the symptoms were, and I have no idea what to look for online to find it.

I am wanting to know this because my mom and I are really sick, and we’ve been wondering if we have it or if it’s just another sickness. No, we’re not paranoid, but we were just wondering, so please, if any body knows the symptoms or a link that tells about it, please let me know.


Insomnia Stress answers:

Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, sneezing, coughing, dizziness, strong breathing, body aches, fever

basically flu symptoms plus breathing problems

Joseph asks…

does mono always cause extreme fatigue ?

i have all the symptoms of mono except for extreme fatigue. could i still have it ?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Hi Gabby.


The initial symptoms of mono are

• a general lack of energy or malaise,
• a loss of appetite, and
• chills.

These initial symptoms can last from one to three days before the more intense symptoms of the illness begin. The more common intense symptoms include

• a severe sore throat,
• fever, and
• swollen lymph nodes (glands) in the neck area.

It is typically the severe sore throat that prompts people to contact their doctor.


In addition to a fever from 102 F-104 F, the most common signs of mono are

• a very reddened throat and tonsils and
• swollen lymph glands in the neck.

The tonsils have a whitish coating in at least one-third of the cases. The spleen (sometimes referred to as the body’s biggest lymph node) is an organ found in the left upper abdomen underneath the rib cage which becomes enlarged or swollen in about 50% of patients with mono. An enlarged liver may also occur. About 5% of patients have a splotchy red rash over the body, which has a similar appearance to the rash of measles.

Take Care. Regards.

Chris asks…

mono symptoms??

ok i need help what are the symptoms of mono ??? and is it possible to get rid of it??

Insomnia Stress answers:

What are the symptoms?
The most common symptoms of mono are a high fever, a severe sore throat, swollen glands and tonsils, and weakness and fatigue. Symptoms usually start 4 to 6 weeks after you are exposed to the virus.

Mono can cause the spleen to swell. Severe pain in the upper left part of your belly may mean that your spleen has burst. This is an emergency.

How is mono diagnosed?
Your doctor will ask you questions about your symptoms and examine you. You may also need blood tests to check for signs of mono (monospot test) and the Epstein-Barr virus. Blood tests can also help rule out other causes of your symptoms.

How is it treated?
Usually only self-care is needed for mono.

Get plenty of rest.
Gargle with salt water or use throat lozenges to soothe your sore throat.
Take acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) or ibuprofen (such as Advil) to reduce fever and relieve a sore throat and headaches.
Avoid contact sports and heavy lifting. Your spleen may be enlarged, and impact or straining could cause it to burst.
In severe cases, medicines called corticosteroids may be used to reduce swelling of the throat, tonsils, or spleen.

Linda asks…

Fluctuating Pregnancy Symptoms?

Is it normal to feel many symptoms;
sore boobs
bad headaches

All of a sudden over the past two days I’ve been left with only prominent blue veins in my breasts and an increase in the little white bumps around my nipples…
All other symptoms have seized.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Yes those are all normal symptoms of preganncy

William asks…

Flu-like symptoms, fatigue, PMS symptoms… Could I be pregnant?

The bf and I had unprotected sex through ovulation this month (Nov 7th, 8th, 9th) Im not on any bc and we do not use condoms. We arent “trying” but we aren’t trying to not have a baby either. We would both be happy if we became parents. My period is due in about two days. I have come down with some flu-like symptoms: extremely lightheaded, dehydrated, sore throat, low grade fever (99-100 degrees), body aches, extreme fatigue!! Plus I have had a lot of lotiony, white cm and sore nipples. I’ve also been seeing a few pimples here and there which is very unusual for me. I assume this is probably just a mix of the flu/a cold and my impending period but I’ve heard that flu-like symptoms can mean pregnancy too. Just wanted to get some thoughts on this. This cm is very unusual for me because I’m usually dry down there before my period. I’m planning on testing in a few days if good ol’ aunt flo doesn’t show up but just wanted some opinions. Thank you! :)
Thank you so much! Glad to know someone else is going through this with me! Best of luck to you too!!

Insomnia Stress answers:

I’m in the same boat with the whole boyfriend and I don’t use protection, but we aren’t trying to have a baby but we would be happy if we had one. :)
I’ve been having all the same symptoms lately, just waiting to see if my period is late.
Thats the best way to know if you are or not. I took a couple tests and they were negative, but at home tests aren’t always right! :/ But if you are late and your test comes out negative I would just go to the doctors and find out. And ask them for a blood test because those are more accurate then urine tests.

Good luck, Im sure your boyfriend and you will be great parents!! :)

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Your Questions About Insomnia Movie

Michael asks…

Good movies to watch?

I’m watching reservoir dogs right now

But I like Donnie darko, requiem for a dream, point break, the dark knight, pulp fiction, fight club, goodfellas, kill bill v1,2,gladiator, the departed, the matrix, memento, scarface, Leon the proffessional, grave of the fireflies, my neighbor totoro, inception

So recommend movies in that area

Insomnia Stress answers:

Taxi Driver
Raging Bull
Inglourious Basterds
The Prestige

Jenny asks…

Movies about mental illness?

I need a movie which is about a mental illness and I need to analyze 2 scenes from the movie about either the symptoms of the illness, the diagnosis or a scene where the illness is being cured.
(Keep in mind that autism is NOT a mental illness)
en episode from a t.v. show works too

Insomnia Stress answers:

Psychogenic amnesia
Psychogenic amnesia is memory loss caused by psychological stress.
Spellbound (1945)
The Machinist (2004) (insomnia induced)
Anxiety disorders

Ordinary People (1980)
Mrs Dalloway (1997)
Copycat (2001)
Elling (2001)
White Oleander (2002)
Punch-Drunk Love (2002)
2 Coelhos (2012)
[edit]Autistic disorder

Together Brothers (1974)
The Boy Who Could Fly (1986)
Rain Man (1988)
Little Man Tate (1991)
House of Cards (1993)
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
Cube (1997)

Ben X (2007)
The Black Balloon (2008)
Dark Floors (film)(2008)
Adam (2009)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009 film) (2009)
The Girl Who Played with Fire (film) (2009)
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest (film) (2009)
My Name Is Khan (2010)
Temple Grandin (2010)
Ocean Heaven (2010)
Dear John (2010)
Fly Away (2011)
Exodus Fall (2011)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)
[edit]Bipolar disorder

Dissociative disorders

Hangover Square (1945)
A Double Life (1947)
The Three Faces of Eve (1957)
Psycho (1960)
Persona (1964)
Sybil (1976)
Angel Heart (1987)
Raising Cain (1992)
Fight Club (1999)
Manichitrathazhu (1993) (in Malayalam)
Color of Night (1994)
Never Talk to Strangers (1995)
Primal Fear (1996)
Shattered Mind (1996)
The Hurricane (1999)
Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
Passion of Mind (2000)
A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
Identity (2003)
Secret Window (2004)
The Machinist (2004)
Anniyan (2005) (in Tamil)
Hide and Seek (2005)
The Jacket (2005)
2:37 (2006)
Thr3e (2007)
Mad Detective (2007)
Numb (2007)
The Number 23 (2007)
Dark Floors (2008)
The Uninvited (2009)
Frankie and Alice (2010)
Peacock (2010)
Black Swan (2010)
Sucker Punch (2011)
The Ward (2011)
[edit]Eating disorders

The Best Little Girl in the World (1981)
Kate’s Secret (1986)
An Anorexic’s Tale: The Brief Life of Catherine (1988)
The Karen Carpenter Story (1989)
For the Love of Nancy (1994)
Slender Existence (Short Film) (2000)
NOVA: Dying to Be Thin (Documentary) (2000)
Dying to Dance (2001)
Hunger Point (2003)
Perfect Illusions:
Borderline personality disorder
The Fountainhead (1949)
Play Misty for Me (1971)
Fatal Attraction (1987)
Poison Ivy (1992)
Single White Female (1992)
The Crush (1993)
Mad Love (1995)
The Cable Guy (1996)
Fear (1996)
Girl, Interrupted (1999)
Swimming Pool (2003)
Allein (Germany, 2004)
Notes on a Scandal (2006)
The Tracey Fragments (2007)
Chloe (2009)
Black Swan (2010)
[edit]Antisocial personality disorder
A Clockwork Orange (1971)
Scarface (1983)
The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Kalifornia” (1993)
Natural Born Killers (1994)
American Psycho (2000)
Irreversible (2002)
No Country for Old Men (2007)
We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011)
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (“successful” antisocial personality disorder criminals)
Cruel Intentions” (1999)
One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest (1975)
[edit]Narcissistic personality disorder
A Clockwork Orange (1971)
Wall Street (1987)
Small Sacrifices (1989)
Basic Instinct (1992)
To Die For (1995)
American Psycho (2000)
White Oleander (2002)
Cruel Intentions (1999)

Through a Glass Darkly (1961)
Images (1972)
Videodrome (1983)
Drop Dead Fred (1991)
The Fisher King (1991)
Benny & Joon (1993)
Angel Baby (1995)
Clean, Shaven (1995)
Conspiracy Theory (1997)
Pi (1998)
Julien Donkey-Boy (1999)
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999)
Me, Myself & Irene (2000)
A Beautiful Mind (2001)
Donnie Darko (2001)
K-PAX (2001)
Igby Goes Down (2002)
Spider (2002)
Identity (film) (2003)
Keane (2004)
Spider Forest (2004)
Shabd (2005)
15 Park Avenue (2005)
Danika (2006)
Reprise (2006)
I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK (2006)
Mr. Brooks (2007)
My Name Is Alan and I Paint Pictures (2007)
The Soloist (2008)
Mirrors (2008)
Shutter Island (2010)
Black Swan (2010)
Sucker Punch (2011)
[edit]Learning disabilities

Taare Zameen Par
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Charly (1968)
Donnie Darko (2001)
[edit]Delusional disorder and other psychotic disorders

Repulsion (1965)
The King of Comedy (1982)
Fatal Attraction (1987)
Misery (1990)
Alien 3 (1992)
Lars and the Real Girl (2007)
Obsessed (2009)
Black Swan (2010)
Swimfan (2002)

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Fight Club (1999)
Sybil (1976)

Maria asks…

What is the longest movie to be shown in theaters?

Please include how long the movie was.

Insomnia Stress answers:

The Cure for Insomnia is the longest movie to ever be screened, at 87 hours, but the longest movie to ever see a wide release is The Burning of the Red Lotus Temple, which was 27 hours long and broken up into 18 parts.

Laura asks…

Got Insomnia?

My body needs to sleep desperately. I’m 18 years old and I’ve had insomnia ever since I can remember. I only sleep anywhere from 0-6 hours of sleep in one night unless I take sleep aids. Most of the time my mind is wide awake and my body is exhausted. They battle it out but somehow my mind always wins and I’m stuck watching movies all night or finding little projects for myself to do. Occasionally I can convince myself to take tylenol PM’s and when I do my body is so thankful I can sleep for at least 15 hours. I can’t even try anymore to just lay in the dark and fall asleep. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Insomnia Stress answers:

I had overwhelming anxiety and insomnia. It turned out to be my use of Splenda. Yup Splenda.

I like to say sucralose, not Splenda, because that is what Splenda is. And it is in a lot of stuff. The package doesn’t have to say Splenda to have sucralose in it. You have to read labels. So, you might still be using it and don’t even know it!

Sucralose is poison. It ruined five years of my life. I had a laundry list of medical problems while taking it, including overwhelming anxiety, depression, mood swings, insomnia and more.

Go ahead, google: anxiety splenda or anxiety sucralose or insomnia splenda or insomnia sucralose

The slogan, “Made from sugar…” is very misleading. Splenda might be made from sugar, but it is far from sugar. The resulting chemical is an organochloride (chlorocarbon). Organochlorides are typically poisons.

Carbon monoxide – made from oxygen so its like a breath of fresh air

George asks…

What’s a very long movie?

Insomnia Stress answers:

The Cure for Insomnia (1987)

This is the longest movie ever made at a total running time of 87 hours

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