Your Questions About Insomniac

Lisa asks…


Ok so here’s the deal: I can sleep well during the day like taking a (nap) i guess is easy for me. But at night, i just CAN’T sleep. Time just passes by, 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, even 1am. It’s not until like 3:30 that i can actually close my eyes. I typically stay up all night watching tv or talking to my boyfriend. I sleep late & i wake up late! i wake up at like 11 or 12 every morning- i hate this. So, my question: I would like to know if i am an “insomniac” or if it’s just because my body is use to sleeping late and waking up late. I am not in school right now because i am taking the summer off, also not working. Am i simply not tired because i don’t do anything all day?? i don’t know- PLEASE HELP. I really want to sleep, what solutions do you have?

Insomnia Stress answers:

The obvious problem here is that you are using the time that you shoud be sleeping to watch t.v and talk to your boyfriend. Your body has an internal clock and once you make a habit of sleeping at 3:30 in the morning it is going to program itself to do just that. I dont neccesarily think that you are an insomniac, you just need to break those bad habits. Oh, and the fact that you are taking naps throughout the day also makes it worse. You need to rearange your habits. If that doesnt work there is a natural supplement called melatonin which you can buy over the counter. Your body actually produces this hormone naturally in response to changing light, but it can become deficient when you loose alot of sleep. Just make sure you ues it as directed. Good luck!

Charles asks…

Are you an INSOMNIAC?

Well, are you? :P

(BQ: What is your definition of an insomniac? Someone who doesn’t sleep for 1-3 days? Someone who only sleeps 2 hours a day? :P )

Insomnia Stress answers:

I am an insomniac. I didn’t go to sleep until ten o’clock this morning, and I had been awake since 7 AM yesterday. I think an insomniac is just someone who has a great deal of trouble going to sleep.

Thomas asks…

Are most insomniacs misdiagnosed?

It’s apparent that a lot of people, especially on the internet, call themselves insomniacs.

Is this because that they truly are, or is it a misdiagnosis and it is really just an effect of another disorder or unrelated condition, such as paranoia, stress, etc?

How many people are truly insomniacs, and don’t just call themselves that?

Insomnia Stress answers:

I’m an insomniac!

I can lie in the bed for about an hour til I get to sleep. That’s the best that can happen to me in bedtime. When I’m not myself, i can eat up to six hours trying to knock myself out to fall asleep. By the time I’m sleeping, people started waking me up saying that’s its time for school.

Insomniacs can be a biological problem or a psychological one. For those who naturally can’t get enough sleep, they are the ones who have health issues. Those who have psychological ones are those are stressed, hyper energetic or just uncomfortable in their sleeping environment. Travelers, shift workers, college students and nursing mothers are the usual people suffering from psychological insomnia.

Insomnia can also be something that’s minor or, for a worse case, turn to a chronic ailment. People who claim they have insomnia may only experience it for a short period of time and then it will disappear.

Sleeping hours also differ from one person to another. Some people need about 9-11 hours of sleep a day while others are better off at 4 hours. For those comfortable of less than 8 hours of sleep may say that they have insomnia but they don’t in reality.

Chris asks…

what does insomniac mean?

maybe this is what i am …..

Insomnia Stress answers:

An insomniac is a person that suffers from insomnia, which is a sleeping disorder, meaning it’s persistently hard to fall asleep, and to stay asleep once you get there.

Mandy asks…

anybody else an insomniac in here?

Insomnia Stress answers:

A lot of people are insomniac. Some people are insomniac because there is something on there mind that they want to do but there is something holding them back. The basic is to clear your mind or make it go blank. I usually use my high, big but soft pillow to make me sleepy. Sometimes, you can even use soft, mellow music to make you sleep. I hope you find this a help to your insomnia problem…:)

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Your Questions About Health Net

Jenny asks…

Health insurance?

What are the top 3 health insurance companies in Arizona with respect to customer satisfaction and dependability?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Health Net consistently places in the top two in the Ranking Arizona business magazine. Other top companies are United Health, Blue Cross, Aetna and Lifewise.

My own personal opinion places Health Net and United Health as the top in customer satisfaction, dependability, coverage, and rates. I place more clients in those two companies than all the others combined and have yet to have a dissatisfied client. You just need to make sure you get the proper policy for your situation.

Talk with an independent agent who can explain the differences in policies. You also want to talk to an agent if you have pre-existing conditions or are out of the height and weight guidelines. Some companies are more lenient than others for certain health conditions. It does you little good to apply to any company if they will decline your application.

Lisa asks…


Insomnia Stress answers:

What about it?


Yes, is the correct web address for HealthNet.

Per Wikipedia:
Health Net, Inc. Is among the nation’s largest publicly traded managed health care companies. It was founded by Dr. Malik Hasan and his wife Seeme. The company’s HMO, POS, insured PPO and government contracts subsidiaries provide health benefits to approximately 6.6 million individuals in all 50 states and the District of Columbia through group, individual, Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE and Veterans Affairs programs.

Lizzie asks…

which is better blue cross or health net insurance?

Insomnia Stress answers:

I’ve never heard of Net insurance. With that being said I would say Blue Cross. Now it also depends what sort of policy or coverage U have. If Ur looking to buy a plan be sure U check out the deductible, co-pay, HMO or PPO, ER coverage & things like that. Hope this helps U.

Sharon asks…

whats the diffence between just medi-cal and health net?

i think i have them together, but i dont really know whats the difference between my old plain medical and this healthnet/medical

Insomnia Stress answers:

You basically have a policy that is a medi-cal policy, that is provided by Health net….. They have a medi-cal department, it’s called the Healthy Families program. Without seeing your policy offhand, I can’t really tell you what the differences are. Medi-cal is a state based program and from what I heard when I worked there, the program was pretty good.

Paul asks…

Health Net or PPO?

IS Health Net ppo Better than just PPO because there is a huge price difference a month but they both seem to offer the same coverage give or take WHICH ONE IS BETTER?

Insomnia Stress answers:

If you don’t have any serious health problems and only rarely would need to see a specialist, then Health Net is probably fine for you. If you have chronic health problems and see lots of Drs regularly then you might want to spring for the PPO coverage. Also compare the drug coverage as the PPO might have lower overall drug costs if you happen to be taking several expensive medications.

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Your Questions About Fatigued

Paul asks…

Headache, dizzy, and fatigue?

For three days now ive had a headache, felt fatigue and dizzy and I feel the same, theres also a bit of preasure on my ears. What is this? Im 13.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Fatigue, headaches and dizziness often occur together.

Fatigue often triggers off further problems such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, lightheadedness, shakiness and nausea.

To combat fatigue perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in a web search for “coenzyme q10 for energy”. The super food Spirulina is another good energy booster.

One of the most common fatigue causes is anxiety which is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort.

Besides anxiety there are many other common fatigue causes such as insufficient sleep, too much sleep, under eating, thyroid problems or other illnesses (such as anemia, mononucleosis, CFS, glandular fever and many others), side effects from medication, dehydration, overexertion, an unhealthy diet and other causes as discussed in a web search for “common fatigue causes”.

Maria asks…

Radom Bursts of Fatigue?

I am 26, I run 5 days a week, I eat healthy and have a active lifestyle. I am not stressed or anything.

Anyway, about three weeks ago I was running and it was like “BOOOM” and fatigue hit me so badly I almost passed out. I use to have anxiety but I mastered dealing with that and I know this is something different. I also am freezing about 90% of the time. But I’ve always been cold because I’m 5’1 and 90lbs naturally.

Anyway, I will be fine one min and then I am almost blown away from lack of energy. And the last two weeks I have been getting more and more fatigued/ tired. I’ve also had to nap and sleep more. Today I literally couldn’t function. I’m cold, tired and I just don’t know what it is. Because the last time I had that happen I was 12 and I had a lymes and a cyst in my right breast I got removed. That was so many years ago so I doubt it’s lymes because last time I got blood work they said I didn’t have it.

Any idea what could cause sudden bouts of extreme fatigue? I’m very healthy and I have a healthy lifestyle. But it’s getting worse. I haven’t told anyone and I don’t think I can afford a doctor. So any ideas maybe what it cold be???
Also a few years ago I had a cyst in my uterus that showed up on an MRI that was 5 by 6 and by time I went tot he OBGYN it was gone. And I’ve had two miscarriages. Don’t know if that’s relevant but maybe.
and Also I get random pelvic pain. AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. Been with my husband 8 years and both those miscarriages where with him. AND NO I HAVE NO DISEASES. THX

Insomnia Stress answers:

Fatigue often triggers off further problems such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, lightheadedness, shakiness and nausea.

To combat fatigue perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in a web search for “coenzyme q10 for energy”. The super food Spirulina is another good energy booster.

One of the most common fatigue causes is anxiety which is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort.

Besides anxiety there are many other common fatigue causes such as insufficient sleep, too much sleep, under eating, thyroid problems or other illnesses (such as anemia, mononucleosis, CFS, glandular fever and many others), side effects from medication, dehydration, overexertion, an unhealthy diet and other causes as discussed in a web search for “common fatigue causes”.

Betty asks…

Fatigue in Legs while Running?

Hello. Sophomore. Boy. Well I am doing track and this problem has been going since around early XC season. Even after starting the warm up or even after taking a month break i feel like ii should be able to at least sprint fast with my legs but they feel tired, sluggish, and fatigued. Do you know why?
Excersise induced asthma (i have it)?
Vitamin d defiency ( i have)
High blood sugar (i have)

Insomnia Stress answers:

Fatigue often triggers off further problems such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, lightheadedness, shakiness and nausea.

To combat fatigue perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in a web search for “coenzyme q10 for energy”. The super food Spirulina is another good energy booster.

One of the most common fatigue causes is anxiety which is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort.

Besides anxiety there are many other common fatigue causes such as insufficient sleep, too much sleep, under eating, thyroid problems or other illnesses (such as anemia, mononucleosis, CFS, glandular fever and many others), side effects from medication, dehydration, overexertion, an unhealthy diet and other causes as discussed in a web search for “common fatigue causes”.

Sandy asks…

Fatigue in Legs while Running?

Hello. Sophomore. Boy. Well I am doing track and this problem has been going since around early XC season. Even after starting the warm up or even after taking a month break i feel like ii should be able to at least sprint fast with my legs but they feel tired, sluggish, and fatigued. Do you know why?
Excersise induced asthma (i have it)?
Vitamin d defiency ( i have)
High blood sugar (i have)

Insomnia Stress answers:

Fatigue often triggers off further problems such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, lightheadedness, shakiness and nausea.

To combat fatigue perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in a web search for “coenzyme q10 for energy”. The super food Spirulina is another good energy booster.

One of the most common fatigue causes is anxiety which is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort.

Besides anxiety there are many other common fatigue causes such as insufficient sleep, too much sleep, under eating, thyroid problems or other illnesses (such as anemia, mononucleosis, CFS, glandular fever and many others), side effects from medication, dehydration, overexertion, an unhealthy diet and other causes as discussed in a web search for “common fatigue causes”.

Steven asks…

Lack of Physical and Mental Energy, Fatigue?

For at least a year, ive been having lack of physical and mental energy. Im not talking about being tired, lack of sleep, lack of exercise etc, im talking about like an all day fatigue. I have no motivation, i feel like im at a stale. Ive even lost several jobs, once just because i didnt feel like going. I really need some help because it affects my entire life. Its also the only reason why i smoke, ive stopped for days even weeks at times. If anyone can give me some real useful advice it would be great. Im not interested in any therapy or talking things out. Also please dont state your opinions or unrelated things, i really want to change my life for the better and live everyday. Ps. Im 17.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Fatigue often triggers off further problems such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, lightheadedness, shakiness and nausea.

To combat fatigue perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in The super food Spirulina is another good energy booster.

One of the most common fatigue causes is anxiety which is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort.

Besides anxiety there are many other common fatigue causes such as insufficient sleep, too much sleep, under eating, thyroid problems or other illnesses (such as anemia, mononucleosis, CFS, glandular fever and many others), side effects from medication, dehydration, overexertion, an unhealthy diet and other causes as discussed in

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Your Questions About Stress Relief

Paul asks…

Does anybody get into stress relief spray??

does it work?which one do you use?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Review: Bach Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief Spray helps not only with stress relief but with insomnia and depression. Created by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and a homeopathic researcher, the spray has 5 flower extracts: Impatiens, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Clematis, and Star of Bethlehem. All these are known for their stress-relieving, relaxing qualities.
According to the manufacturer’s website, Rescue Remedy “can be used to help you cope with immediate everyday situations such as going to the dentist, interviews, making a complaint or wedding day nerves. It can also help in times of crisis or trauma such as bereavement, a relationship breakdown or redundancy.”
What you do is you open the plastic cap and do a quick spray or two into your mouth. You do that either before, in, or after a stressful situation, whenever you need to calm down. Or, if you are using the product as a sleeping aid, use some right before going to bed. The formula is designed to be quickly absorbed into the blood stream. Rescue Remedy works very well, calming you down and relieving the unpleasant stress symptoms. Being a natural product, it has no side-effects.
Rescue Remedy comes in a 20 ml bright-yellow bottle with a spray pump.
Rating: 10

Michael asks…

Stress Relief?

So my teacher talked to me today because I’ve had really bad stomache issues. (im 14 female) Most of the time when I eat my stomache cramps up. Everyone thinks it is stress related.

How can I relieve some stress. I took yoga which didnt work. I’m not a puzzle fan. I walk all the time but thats not fun and more like work to me. I dont read or write cuz its boring too.

Any good ways to relieve stress. My teacher thinks im stressed too even before he found out about my stomach issues.

any ideas??
do NOT tell me im too young to have stress. you have no idea what I’ve been through in my life. NO IDEA

Insomnia Stress answers:

I’ve had stress problems before. What I do us usually listen to calming music and just laying down for a bit, or I take a bubble bath. There are some scents that can help with stress (this is called aromatherapy). For different scents, I suggest you look at the website listed bellow. You can get these in the form of either candles, oils, or incence.

And also, if you ever need to just sit down and cry, never hesitate to. It helps to let the tears come when you need them to. Afterwards, do some of the suggestions from above, or just do something you really like to do. Never restrain yourself from what you want to do when you are stressed, it will just make things worse.

Good luck banishing your stress!

Steven asks…

An alternative to smoking for stress relief?

Okay, this is like crazy but I’m addicted to something I’ve never tried before. I don’t smoke but when someone next to me lights up a cig or I walk past someone who’s smoking, I start sucking the stuff in. Inhaling it like mad, craving it like crazy… It instantly makes me feel so much better and happier and more relaxed inside. I don’t want to start smoking, spend so much money, and then spend double that amount trying to quit smoking. It’s unhealthy but I’m starting to have way too many medical problems due to stress. I’ve tried meditating, it works, I like it, but it takes too long. And I’m more of a kinda dance ’til you drop person. Never tried drugs before and I don’t want to either.
Passive smoking is worse than taking it in directly, but both are bad. So what the hell am I supposed to do? Even just one breath of the stuff makes me feel good.

Insomnia Stress answers:

HI, It seems stress is taking its hold. Maybe you should tackle stress directly and see whether you still crave passive smoke.
Can you try doing some breathing exercizes? Inhale filling your lungs from your nose hold for 5 seconds than release for you mouth as slowly as possible. Repeat the exercize for 6 times increasing by 6 secinds each time.
You should do this in a very relaxed position. It will help in reducing your stress levels.

Mark asks…

Easy Stress Relief?

I don’t want to revert to drugs just to get stress relief.
I have Major Depression and I’m 14, if that helps.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Exercising often and getting adequate and regular sleep each night will help lower depression, stress and anxiety.
Eat healthy, (lots of fruits and veggies) eat foods low in sugar, fat, and carbs. Limit eating foods with preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, sugar, high fructose corn syrup and caffeine, these and a Vitamin B complex deficiency can cause emotional disturbances in the brain…eat fish, fish oil/omega3 is a natural antidepressant and enhances brain function (even a tuna fish sandwich 2X a week) liver, pork, chicken and potatoes are also high in vitamin B1-12.
Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, helping to digest food and flush waste faster.
Get outside in the sunshine, your brain will produce dopamine to naturally lift your mood and Vitamin D to enhance your body’s ability to absorb nutrition.
Masturbation reduces depression and is a great stress reliever, but excessive masturbation causes the brain and adrenal glands to over-produce dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine, (endorphins) causing an hormonal imbalance and adverse effects in your brain’s receptors.
Be more creative, find ways to express yourself through writing, art, music, sports, or anything you enjoy.
Don’t isolate yourself, talking, hanging out and having fun with friends makes us happy, call them up and invite them over to play cards, meet up to play basketball or to the beach swimming, throw around a football/frisbee.
This will increase your interest and motivation and help lessen your depression…how you project yourself to the world is how people will respond to you.
Good luck to you.

George asks…

What are some natural remedies for stress relief ?

Please dont tell me meditation and yoga because i am trying them already. maybe some foods and herbs and other techniques that you can suggest

Insomnia Stress answers:

Much of stress relief is organization and the mental and emotional responses to what ever is going on.
It is about knowing yuorself and removing the things you can , and then changing the responses to what is left.
This method works wonders on all that, is simple, easy and quick. Here is the method , the founder wants it available to anyone who needs it for free., read the instructions, resistance and basic recipe, then apply.
Or hire someone trained to help you,, put anxiety, stress into the search bar at
Exercise, magnesium , chamomile tea, hormone balancing, good night sleep, diet will all play a significant role.
A spiritual belief will also help, support and friends.
These people are good with nutrients, and staying healthy.,,,,, etc.

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Your Questions About Sleepys

Jenny asks…

really sleepy lately..?

i’ve been really sleepy nowadays and i dont know why… i have been sleeping until like.. 12 am and sleeping really early.. like 10 pm. i dont know why.. thanks~

Insomnia Stress answers:

Huh? U been sleeping until 12AM (midnight) and going to sleep at 10pm? So you only sleep 2 hours?

Or are you trying to say you wake up at noon and go to bed at 10pm?

If you are not getting up til noon u might be sleeping too much. When I sleep too much I am even more tired and lazy.

Sleeping too much or too little, poor diet, too much time reading, on computer or video games, lack of exercise, weather, depression, other illness can be making you sleepy.

Try to eat right get your veggies and fruits, not too much soda, sugar, fatty or other junk foods. Don’t sleep more than 8 hrs (set an alarm) get some exercise are somethings that may help and they certainly cannot hurt.

I get sleepy a lot too but I noticed if I am more active in the day getting things done, getting up earlier and getting out or doing something instead of sitting in front of TV or computer I have more energy during the day also when I eat better and have more balanced meal I feel better.

Michael asks…

What makes me sleepy at work?

I have no qualms about being sleepy if it is at noontime because it is lunchbreak.

What I don’t like is, I feel sleepy between 10:30 – 11:30 in the morning, which is still office hour –and the work is at its peak. But, just before or after lunch break (12:00 noon until 1:00pm) I can no longer snooze, why? It’s the time I wanted to have a nap. During this break, I have all the time to take a nap because my office is very private, I can close it all for myself for whole one hour. The trouble is, I’m no longer sleepy at this time of the day. Even during weekends, at home, I have the same problem.

This have been happening for a long time, and I feel upset. Why is my sleeping pattern seemes abnormal?

It is not a big problem, but that I feel fresh and beautiful after a nap. (he he he) Please help. I want to stay beautiful. (ha ha ha)

Insomnia Stress answers:

Disturbed sleep is a typical part of Bipolar Disorder. During a manic episode you may feel very little need for sleep. However during a depressive episode you may have little energy and want to rest a lot. You may also have trouble getting to sleep and wake up very early.

Regular, quality sleep is essential for good health. It affects your thinking and your physical wellbeing. Bipolar Disorder can impair insight and judgment. Insufficient or poor sleep patterns can make this worse.

There are some practical things you can do to help manage your sleep. Some hints are:

Avoid caffeine
Avoid alcohol
Increase the amount of exercise you are doing
Go to bed at the same time each day and get up at the same time
Have a bed time routine
Try drinking warm milk before you go to sleep
Try relaxation tapes and techniques, including meditation
Try to identify and address any worries which might be keeping you awake.
It is important to realise the disturbed sleep patterns are a symptom of Bipolar Disorder and if it persists for more than a few days you should see your Health Professional. If you are going through a manic or depressive episode then you are likely to need treatment for this episode.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE, sleep patterns also change as people age. And also, you might feel sleepy closer to the time you wake up. That is, for instance, if you wake up at eight in the morning and if you are closer to forty, then you might feel sleepy at around ten o’clock or so. This can be because of morning-sluggishness or otherwise, heavy breakfast and heavy workload. This might also happen if you hav not had enough sleep at night, or if you don’t enjoy your work.
I hope you prioritize ur sleep profile better soon (wink*).

Chris asks…

Why am i always so sleepy?

on friday we got out of school at 11:25 a.m. for winter break. As soon as i got home, i ate pizza and some time around 1:00 i went to sleep and didnt wake up until 12:00 a.m. !!!! so now for some reason im very sleepy still, whats wrong?

Insomnia Stress answers:

I’ve learned that depending on your body, insulin resistance can lead to fatigue after eating. This happens when you eat foods that are high on the glycemic index. These foods cause a big spike in blood sugar, prompting your kidneys to release large amounts of insulin. After a while of eating like this (which for most ppl in the country is all the time) your body develops a resistance to the insulin and you need more and more insulin to compensate for the spike in blood sugar. Make sense? So refined carbs (and much more– you should check out the glycemic index) do indeed cause fatigue after you eat. Foods lower on the glycemic index, release sugar into the bloodstream on a more stable basis, so there is no large spike in blood sugar, and no need for a compensatory response from the kidney. If diabetes runs in your family, I would suggest you speak to a doctor about having your blood sugar levels tested (just in case).

Another thing that causes sleep is tryptophan, a amino acid found in foods like turkey (there’s NO coincidence that everyone is sleepy after Thanksgiving meals ). We all know that serotonin is a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep. Well tryptophan converts to serotonin in the body VERY easily, so when you eat foods high in tryptophan, it enters the body and turns into serotonin making you VERY sleepy!

So, by the time you account for the insulin resistance from foods high on the glycemic index, and then foods that are high in tryptophan- pretty much EVERYTHING you eat will make you tired. A healthier diet with foods lower on the glycemic index should combat the fatigue from foods other than those which normally cause the “itis”.

Daniel asks…

Sleepy condition help needed?

Age 30 years i do warm up morning after having break fast after certain period when i start reading any thing or during journey in the bus i feel extreamly sleepy, and also when i doing some work i get these yawning as if iam extreame tired please help me

Insomnia Stress answers:

I am now a 24 yr old man. I have had the same problem during my college days, when I was 16-20. I used to feel too sleepy in those lecture classes and would actually sleep. Friends made fun of me and even teachers sometimes laughed at me. I used to sit behind in the classes to hide and whenever somebody would look behind, the chances were like 90:10 they would see me sleeping while sitting lol . That sounds funny now but it was too embarrassing that time. The more I would try to stay awake the more I would be found sleeping.

But now I am a working man and don’t have this problem anymore. I feel the reason was I was not interested in those lecture classes. The way most of those lecturers used to teach, was boring for me and I had become like programmed to feel sleepy during those lecture timings. Sleep would automatically come and if some interesting lecture was there, I would at first feel sleepy and it would take me some time to realize that “wake up, this is not boring” lol

For your case, you say you feel sleepy when you start reading. Do you really like reading? I personally don’t like reading and would probably feel sleepy as well. I like listening to the radio while on the bus or while travelling generally. I almost always listen to the radio and search for quiet places where I can sing as well. Find something which really interests you and I bet you won’t feel sleepy.

Please answer mine –;_ylt=AtT_fbys5qSHaAvfCLRRwYGRHQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20110703011027AApGuym

Donald asks…

What makes you sleepy?

The doctor says I should take a glass of wine every night to help me sleep.
I prefer slow music.

Does this make you sleepy?

Insomnia Stress answers:

What makes me sleepy?..
I lie down and listen to easy listening music
under a dim light and watch golf on tv.Though I like
Tiger Woods!
(thanks for the link)

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Your Questions About Insomnia Movie

Maria asks…

Recommendation for new movies?

I really love movies with dark plot lines that isn’t just entertainment but are also powerful strong plot lines. But those type of movies are really hard to find now these days. For example: Mysterious Skin, Leon: The Professional, and Donnie Darko. I don’t enjoy any scary movies even if it has more deeper meaning than just trying to scare you. I was wondering if some of you can recommend me good movies?

Insomnia Stress answers:

You really have to see Christopher Nolan’s movies:
The Prestige
The Dark Knight

Some other movies:
Shutter Island
Requiem for a Dream
Into the Wild
The Social Network
American Gangster
Saving Private Ryan
Alien series
District 9
Rocky 1
The Matrix
The Shawshank Redemption
Brooklyn’s Finest

Laura asks…

Severe Insomnia…?

I’m 21 and for as long as I can remember, i’ve suffered with severe insomnia.. My mother also has this problem but I believe it to be because of her M.S

I’ve been to my doctor who just tells me I cannot take sleeping pills as I am too young to get hooked..

I’ve tried everything, relaxing and watchin movies, listening to music, having warm baths, drinking warm drinks but nothing prevents a bad sleep..

It usually takes me a good 3 hours to fall asleep, but I always end up waking up a few times through out… ALL I WANT IT A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP :( :( :(

Nothing seems to be worrying me or playing on my mind, so what can I do?
i’ve recently been checked for Anemia, and everything was clear….

Insomnia Stress answers:

If you don’t use caffeine, ask your doctor to check for anemia- it can cause insomnia.

Michael asks…

Insomnia (2002 movie) question?

Just finished the movie; Liked it. One thing i wasn’t clear on: What was the thing that Al Pacino’s character found in the alley? Some sort of dead animal or something?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Yes its a dead dog. He used the dead dog to shoot a 38 caliber gun at it so he can extract the .38 round out of the dead dog and use the spent .38 bullet to put it in an evidence bag and give it to investigators and say that this is the bullet/gun that Robin William’s character used to kill officer Hap Eckhart.

Paul asks…

movies such as these?

so i have a massive list of all the things i ever want, books, clothes, dvds, etc and then i cross them off when i get it.. so yea more or a less a realllyyyy biggg wish list :) And i’ve listed all the good movies i’ve seen and watched and liked, and was curious if you could think of any others i may have forgotten or i might like just as much? Or even your personal faves? :) Im like a movie fantatic so yea :D heres the movies i have so far.. please make sure you dont say ones i already have lol ;;

- Teenage Dirtbag **
- The Invisible ***
- The Narrows **
- Wristcutters: A Love story *
- The Hitcher *
- From Within **
- Pandorum
- Ten Inch Hero
- Bullet For My Valentine (2009)
- Table For Three *
- Gabrielle *
- Fallen Part 1, 2 and 3 *
- Daybreakers
- Running Scared *
- The Lazarus Project *
- Death Race *
- Miss March *
- Stand By Me
- Fight Club
- Dead Silence
- Brothers
- Step Up
- Halloween 1 (2008)
- Halloween 2 (2009)
- Shooter *
- The Black Balloon *
- Final Destination
- The “ “ 2
- “ “ 3
- The Final Destination
- The Strangers
- Awake *
- Silent Hill
- Vacancy 2
- The Butterfly Effect
- Bam Margera; Where The Fuck Is Santa? *
- The Butterfly Effect 2
- Never Back Down
- Fighting
- Law Abiding Citizen
- 12 Rounds
- Sex Drive
-Fired Up *
- Pineapple Express
- My Best Friends Girl
- Saw 3-6
- Step Up
- Step Up 2: The Streets
- Jumper
- The Hills Have Eyes
- The Hills Have Eyes 2
- Role Models
- Untraceable
- Accepted
- A Perfect Getaway
- The Covenant
- Step Up 3
- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
- Inception
- Cry_Wolf
- A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
- Friday The 13 (2009)
- I Know What You Did Last Summer
- Urban Legend

Thanks if you can think of any other ones :D

Insomnia Stress answers:

Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2
Inglourious Basterds
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
The Machinist
The Usual Suspects
Donnie Brasco
A Beautiful Mind
Cinderella Man
Taxi Driver
The God Father
The God Father II
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Chrystal Skull
Star Wars I-VI
Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Extended Edition
The Matrix Trilogy
The Jerk
The Hangover
Happy Gilmore
Billy Madison
The Transporter 1-2
Ghostbusters 1-2
Sin City
The Alien saga
The Predator saga
The Grudge
The Thing
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Band of Brothers
We Were Soldiers
Black Hawk Down
Full Metal Jacket
Back to the Future 1-III
The Aviator
Remember the Titans
The Harry Potter saga
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Patriot
King Aurthur
Fight Club

Sandy asks…

What is your favorite Christopher Nolan movie?

The Following
The Prestige
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
Please list which movies you have seen and the one you like the best, so I would know what movies you are comparing. Thank you.

Insomnia Stress answers:

I watched all of the movies except The Following and Insomnia. The Prestige and Inception are great. If I have to pick, the Prestige. It is something everyone can relate to and is also set up as a magic trick. The layout of the movie, the twists, the thoughtful and complex storyline, etc. All come together to make a masterpiece.

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Your Questions About Healthy Families

Mary asks…

I want a healthy family?

My wife is 80 pounds overweight and I am 60 pounds overweight. We have a child together. I am very keen to have a healthy family, but my wife does not care to lose weight. Everytime I have to remind her to go to the gym. I am working full time and I am studying full time. She is a full time mom. We both have a gym membership. We also have a swimming pool but she does not know how to swim. For the past years, we have been lazy. We go out and eat every fridays, saturday afternoon and Sundays we go to my friends place to eat.

I feel like we need a big change in our lives. A big change that will never happens. The obstacles are:
My wife says she can’t leave the baby home or drop her to day care and go to the gym because our daughter would cry. I have been trying to save money to buy an eliptical machine. I even took her to 10 stores. But she used the money on disney. I feel like we are not going anywhere.

I’ve to sit down with her and talk to her about starting a new diet and exercise. She says:”I lose weight only if I workout in the afternoon and munch on cereals”. She does not seem to listen or to work it out together. She ignores me everytime we talk about it. I have a feeling that she is sick of listening to me. I feel stupid to talk about losing weight. I feel like we will never lose weight.

Please help. I will do whatever we can to be a healthy family. Thank you for our advice. Please add anything you think that can change our lives and make us a happy and healthy family and God bless you.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Hi, I understand your parents are a bit over-weight and my brother is kind of chubby..I’m the only “healthy” one in the house. I’m always trying to make dinner for them & take for a run with me but they don’t want it (in fact my brother just sat down next to me with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast of the MOST sugary cereals on the market..I find it repulsive) What your wife needs to understand, and what I’m trying to teach my family, is that if she doesn’t get it together..she is shortening her life, and now has higher chance of having heart disease or something worse! Do you want your daughter to grow up without a mother? I think your best bet would be making an apt with a nutritionist and possibly even a personal trainer and have them talk to your wife..she might believe them more

Best of Luck!

John asks…

Eating healthy with unhealthy family?

I’ve noticed I’ve started gaining weight around three years ago when my parents got divorced and my best friend moved away. Ever since, I’ve been struggling to be healthy but it’s so difficult with my family! Exercise isn’t the problem…it’s the food!
At my dad’s house, he’s single, and buys a lot of ‘Quick Prepare’ frozen junk and junk foods. The only healthy thing I can find in his fridge are apples, and though I love apples, I don’t want my diet to consist of them! With my dad, we’ve eaten out 3 days out of 4 so far because he didn’t want to cook.
At my mom’s house, she has a boyfriend and my little brother. She’s on a ‘diet’, which is basically her not eating all day and stupid stuff. To compensate, she buys LOADS of junk food for her boyfriend and my brother, and I think she forces the food on me to make up for her cravings. She buys a few more healthier things, but it’s overpowered by the immense amount of junk!

I tried to talk to my parents about me eating healthier and they said I’m “not fat” and “shouldn’t worry about it”. But staring at myself in the mirror, I’m not happy and need change.

What can I do? Can you guys give me ideas for healthier snacks in a house of junk food? Tips/tricks/advice? I need to lose my weight!

Insomnia Stress answers:

Hi There!

Okay, here’s what you should do first. Talk to your parents again. Explain to them that you don’t want to eat junk food because you’ve just gotten sick of it, and your diet should consist of healthier meals, like veggies and other fruits. If they don’t listen to you, tell them “It’s healthy food or no food at all.” Hopefully this will get them worried and out to buy the healthy food! (Don’t actually starve yourself though.)
Also, I have some tips/tricks on how to lose your weight!
1) Excersice. Biking, Walking, Jogging Running, Cardio Excersices, etc. As long as you are moving your body, the fat will come off.
2) Some Awesome Excersices I Reccomend:
-Vaccuum Pose: Suck in your lower stomach for 30 seconds, 10 minutes a day. You could lose 1 inch off your waist a week if you do this each day!
3) Stay commited. Don’t lose faith in yourself. You CAN get your dream body, if you work hard and resist any temptations! :)

Good Luck, Hope I was able to help. :)

Carol asks…

how do i get my family to be healthy?

Well, I guess you I could be labeled a health nut but I just have no desire to gorge myself on fatty foods, I love being in shape. So, yesterday, my mom brings home the groceries which were nothing but cookies and tv dinners. I got mad and she gave me $100 to go to the grocery store and buy what I wanted, when I came home with $ 30 change she was not happy.

I don’t know how to get the right food I need if she is going to make a big deal of it each time, I’m sorry but I will not bring myself to eat the garbage the rest of my family does.

Insomnia Stress answers:

It’s really great that you want to eat healthy and help your family to do that! Here are some tips for you:

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, not the aisles. The aisles are where the processed food is. The perimeter has the fresh produce, lean protein, whole-grains and low-fat dairy.

Second, don’t try to switch your family all at once. You have to ease them into eating better. Start by trying to introduce veggies at dinner, or giving them a choice of healthy entrees. Start small and get them used to the lifestyle changes a little at a time.

Third, be patient. It takes a while to change bad eating habits. Be willing to cook for your family and introduce them to new things.

Fourth, let them have junk food in moderation. Put chips into single-serving bags, buy low-fat ice cream, etc. Let them learn to enjoy things in smaller servings so that the damage isn’t so great.

You’ll bring them around eventually… Good luck!

Sharon asks…

Medical, Healthy Families, Medicare question?

I’m 17 and I have medical I think, but will I still have it when I turn 18?

After High School I’m gonna work for 1 year first then go to college or university. I want to know if I will still have it or not.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Healthy Families in California is for children and teens under 18.

Medicare is for people over 65 or permanently disabled.

When you get a job, look for one with health care insurance.

Until you are 18, your parents are required to provide health care for you.

You can also go on your parents insurance until you are 26.

Michael asks…

How to Eat healthy When My Family Doesn’t?

I’m 18 and I stay at home with my family. Up until a few days ago i ate so much takeaways and I really want to start eating healthy and working out. My family constantly eat pizza’s and takeaways. i said to my mum this morning that i’m going to stop eating pizza and what not. They brought home a takeaway a few hours ago and it was so hard to resit. Its not just that but there is so much much crisps and chocolate lying around the house and i’m finding it really hard to resist. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you so much.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Ok, so first of all, start buying healthier foods. Overtime, it’s cheaper an faster than takeout. Or, if you/your family is rushed for time, make leftovers and freeze/refrigerate them for later in the week. Also, the more you stay away from junk (pizza, takeout, sweets) your body isn’t craving it, and you don’t want to eat it. Finally, a great/cheap way o exercise is running. Trust me. It is some of the best exercise you can get. (I am runner.) Depending on your physical ability, jog/walk for at least 40 mins. Daily. It might sound hard, but the more you do, the esier it gets. Also lift weights. The better shape you get into, the easier it gets. Good job for trying be healthy. And if your whole family helps/gets healthier, it will be a lot easier for you too.

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Your Questions About Fatigue Causes

Mark asks…

Does sinusitis cause fatigue?

I am suffering from headache and severe fatigue for 8months from ct scan proved i have can i over come this?pls help me

Insomnia Stress answers:

Constant pain can cause interrupted sleep which in turn fatigues a person. Usual treatment is antibiotics, use of nose drops containing decongestant, steam inhalation.
If all treatment fails, then surgical drainage of the sinus area can be performed.
Keep a diary of your symptoms, and go back to your consultant/doctor for a further examination.

Try Olbas Oil, 2 drops in hot water, and inhale at night before bed.

Good luck, Ive been there and its very painful. Wish you better soon.

Mandy asks…

Can Depression Cause Fatigue?

lately i have been tired all the time, even when i sleep good like i did last night. i have been down lately, can depression cause fatigue?
i love to get out and walk but the freaking snow and cold makes that tough, i have had a serious case of cabin fever lately, any suggestions, please no smart a*s remarks, i am not in the mood.

Insomnia Stress answers:

Yes, depression can cause fatigue. I’m quite familiar with it. Haven’t had too much of a problem with it for awhile now. I can say the depression thing tends to “snowball”. When you start feeling crummy, then it’s common to react with some sort of behavior that feels better at the time, but then leads to feeling more depressed… Like passing on exercise and eating junk food. These things lead to feeling worse in the long run.

Here’s what I’d suggest.. Eat 1000iu of vitamin D everyday (usually you can get from the sun.. But in winter months it’s not as easy to get in your system).. Drink coffee in the morning to help get your butt out of the house to a public gym where you can sweat. Even if you’re not “up” for it.. Do it first thing in the morning.. A little caffeine to help, this may get the “snowball” rolling in the positive direction. The last thing is to avoid sugar and alcohol.

Once you get going, hopefully the exercise, nutrition, and sleep patterns will start to fall back in line so you have the energy.

Oh yeah… And watch some funny movies/shows after you get your exercise in
… And try to avoid negative people.

Good luck!

BTW- if that that doesn’t help to get the “snowball” effect heading in the right direction, see a doc.

Helen asks…

Don’t know what is causing fatigue?

Off and on I’ll feel really fatigued and generally weak, to the point that it’s hard for me to stay out all day shopping or doing something active, or pay attention in class. I get good sleep, exercise, and diet and I am only 20. I went to the Dr. and they ran a ton of blood tests and they all came out perfect. They had no idea what could be wrong, since I seem very healthy other than this fatigue/weakness feeling.

Anyone else have ideas?

Insomnia Stress answers:

I hope something this simple works for you.

I’ve recently graduated university (woohooo!) and moved. A couple of weeks ago, I was so fatigued, all the time, for about a week solid. Varying my sleep amount, or quality, or taking naps, or being more or less active; tried a bunch, nothing seemed to help.

Then my boyfriend wondered if there was something missing from my diet. When I moved here, I started cooking from scratch a great deal. We have a wide variety of food, and vitamins, and I thought I was doing everything right. The only thing I could think of was that I’m having less processed foods now. And indeed, at the point where the fatigue set in, I hadn’t had canned soup for lunch in a month, and even that used to be a staple for me (not every day, but every other day or so). So my net processed foods for the past month had been perhaps about 3 cans of food, into dishes that were then split with the boyfriend for dinner (things like crushed tomatoes, and tomato sauce).

Sodium is in processed food, in rather large amounts. (Not enough to be bad for you, if eaten in moderation, but definitely moreso than the dash of salt you’ll put on your food at the table will give you). I’d always heard about the evils of salt/sodium, and had made a conscious effort to lower that from my diet. I did, apparently too much lowering too fast. I did some research, and found out that sodium is an essential electrolyte in your system, and without it, you can get very fatigued. Combine that with the massive amounts of water I was drinking, and I was running the risk of getting myself into serious trouble; people have died eliminating salt and increasing water intake, to extremes.

I read somewhere along the way, but sadly can’t find it now for you, that sodium deficiency has been known to cause fatigue, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, too. So it’s definitely worth looking at your sodium intake to be sure it’s enough.

I started having cans of soup for lunch again, and in a day or two, my energy levels were back to normal, woohoo! If you already have plenty of sodium in your diet, don’t add more, of course. And if you add some, all things in moderation: the US recommends we get less than 2.3 grams; the UK recommends we get about 1.6 grams per day. Make sure you don’t go over those amounts.

I hope that whatever’s causing yours is as easy to fix. *hugs* Good luck!

Steven asks…

how does lactic acid cause muscle fatigue?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Peripheral muscle fatigue during physical work is considered an inability for the body to supply sufficient energy or other metabolites to the contracting muscles to meet the increased energy demand.
This causes contractile dysfunction that is manifested in the eventual reduction or lack of ability of a single muscle or local group of muscles to do work. The insufficiency of energy, i.e. Sub-optimal aerobic metabolism, generally results in the accumulation of lactic acid and other acidic anaerobic metabolic by-products in the muscle, causing the stereotypical burning sensation of local muscle fatigue.
Though not universally used, ‘metabolic fatigue’ is a common alternative term for peripheral muscle weakness, because of the reduction in contractile force due to the direct or indirect effects of the reduction of substrates or accumulation of metabolites within the muscle fiber. This can occur through a simple lack of energy to fuel contraction, or interference with the ability of Ca2+ to stimulate actin and myosin to contract.

Sandy asks…

Can Vitamin D cause fatigue?

My Vitamin D level tested low. My doctor prescribed Vitamin D. However, it just causes fatigue. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is. I also take Ativan and Inderal. Is a drug interaction possible?
I’ve been taking Ativan for years. My doctor’s own nurse also suffers fatigue when taking Vitamin D.

Insomnia Stress answers:

My Dr prescribed Vit D and not because it caused fatigue. It caused muscle fatigue and there is a big difference between fatigue from lack of sleep and muscle fatigue. I know, I experienced it. I take 1200 mg twice a day of calcium and 800 Units of vit D. The two work well together… My Dr was very pleased with my choice. I feel so much better since I took both. God bless and feel better taking that amount. Try it only show your doctor first before you take it. God bless you.

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Your Questions About Stress Symptoms

Mary asks…

Can stress cause weight loss, tiredness and fever like symptoms, because…?

i was poked by a pin and don’t know the serious ness of the matter and i heard bad things can happen so i am kind of stressed out so can anything described above happen due to stress?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Stress Symptoms

Stress usually first affects the inner emotions. Initial symptoms may include the following feelings:




Excessive worry

Internal pressure
These emotional states can then begin to affect a person’s outward appearance:

Unusually anxious or nervous



As the stress level increases, or if it lasts over a longer period of time, a person may begin to feel more severe emotional or physical effects:

Excessive fatigue


Sometimes even think of hurting yourself or others


Nausea and vomiting


Chest pain or pressure

Heart racing

Dizziness or flushing

Tremulousness or restlessness

Hyperventilation or choking sensation
In most cases, these symptoms are very minor and don’t last very long. If they become more severe or increase in frequency and severity, seek medical help.

Richard asks…

Are these symptoms of stress/anxiety?

I have been absolutely miserable for five days now and am at my wits end trying to feel better. My mom and husband say it’s “just stress“. I’ve had issues with stress in the past and have been amazed at how much it can affect your body but this is getting ridiculous if this is what it is – 5 days and counting.

It did start in the middle of a very stressful event for me. I got completely anxious and had a panic attack and instantly my shoulders and neck tensed up and hurt really badly. I got an awful headache and that lasted the next four days. In addition to it I was having chest tightness, painful deep breathing and queasiness, loss of appetite. The symptoms will come and go, when I get distracted for a long time they go away but then they come back. The pain in my head has gotten so intense at times that I feel nauseas, my ears hurt or my vision goes blurry. I wake up feeling incredibly weak and shaky first thing in the morning but this is relieved by eating. The headache is no though. I tried Aleve, tons of water, caffeine, food, massaging neck – all to no avail.

I finally realized that the symptoms were right on cue with a migraine which realieved some of my anxiety. Believe it or not I tried two simple Tylenol and my migraine symptoms completely went away. Then… I pulled a muscle in my neck and now I feel awful all over again! I can’t turn my head or take a deep breathe without intense pain. I woke up feeling even more sick today. I have a VERY busy week this week and can’t afford to sit around with migrains and pulled necks. Every day that passes I can’t believe I am STILL feeling so ill. What is going on?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Yeah, it sounds like stress. Stress can make you seriously ill. You need to heal and also try to do some things to decompress and try to feel better. I wonder if drinking one glass of wine in the evening might help (if you are old enough). Also, try listening to happy music, or watching happy tv shows or whatever makes you feel happier and less stressed out, and helps you take your mind off of things. All that stuff you have to do might have to wait. If there are a few things that can’t wait, then just concentrate on those, and let the other things wait for now.

Try taking some deep breaths and make sure you are eating well, and drinking plenty of fluids and getting plenty of rest. You may want to take a multivitamin/mulitmineral and perhaps some B-vitamins or something specifically formulated for stress- some vitamins or herbs.

If this doesn’t get better, you might need to see a doctor.

David asks…

Can I be fired for exhibiting EMS Stress symptoms?

Been an Emergency Services Worker for nearly 15 years. In that time I have witnessed some pretty horrible things. Recently I have become aware that I am becoming more short tempered, not sleeping, not eating well….all I know are signs of stress and possible PTSD,

Now my department director, I work in an ER, seems to want to fire me because she says I am making others fearful. I live and work in SW Florida. Is there anything I can do to keep my job? Any possible legal actions I can take?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Sounds like you are seriously getting burned out. You need a break, first off. Also, it is your employer’s job to make sure you are ok. Have they offered any sort of CISD (critical incident stress debriefing) or any counseling at all over the years? What are you doing to make others fearful?

The employers’ responsibility:

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that employees are not made ill as a result of their work. Employers who fail to take stress seriously leave themselves open to compensation claims from employees who suffer ill health as a result of work related stress.

In Lancaster v Birmingham City Council last year the County Court awarded damages of £67,000 to an employee who suffered severe depression and anxiety when her employers transferred her to a stressful new job without giving her adequate support and training.

It is clear that an employer can be liable for any damage arising from workplace stress where the employer negligent in exposing an employee to extreme stress. There are limits on the duty and it is often difficult for an employee to show that the employer has breached his duty of care. But where it can be shown that the employer has been negligent the damages are invariably substantial.

Where stress caused or made worse by work could lead to ill health, employers must assess the risk. A risk assessment for stress involves:

- Looking for pressures at work which could cause high and long lasting levels of stress;
- Identifying those who might be harmed by these; and
- Determining what action is necessary to prevent that harm, and taking reasonable steps to deal with those pressures identified.

Some employers will seek to argue that stress is often caused by problems outside work, and whilst this is true non-work problems can make it difficult for people to cope with the pressures of work and their performance at work often suffers as a result.

I’m not sure how it is in Florida, but your employer has a duty to make sure you get the help you need. But sounds like you will probably have to explain to him/her what is going on and ask for that help. If they know what’s good for them, they won’t fire you, but if you don’t ask for the help, and you end up hurting a patient or giving them unacceptable care due to your stress, you have set yourself up for your own lawsuit. It doesn’t take much for us EMS workers to get burnt out real quick. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Good luck.

Donna asks…

Can stress cause pregnancy symptoms? please PLEASE help!?

I had sex a few times at the end of august. we used condoms and he checked them every time before he put one on. they never broke and they never slipped off. I can sometimes have really irregular periods depending on what im doing and other factors. I was expecting my period somewhere at the end of august or at least at the beginning of september but so far nothings been happening yet. Im really scared and stressed about this. I have also recently been peeing alot which i know can be an early sign of pregnancy. On top of all this i have mroe then one job, im taking a LOT of classes, and ive just moved. Could I be pregnant even though we were careful? Or am i stressing out about it so much that im creating symptoms that arent really there? im really scared to take a pregnancy test but i will if i have to. im just trying to find out as much as i can before that happens. PLEASE HELP!!!

Insomnia Stress answers:

Yes stress can cause those symptoms. Since you have missed your menstrual cycle, you should see a doctor no matter what. There may be more to worry about than pregnancy. Be sure they perform a blood test and not just a urine test! Don’t be scared or stressed…there is a light at the end of every tunnel! Good luck! :)

Daniel asks…

What are symptoms of stress?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Stress is a psychological and physiological response to events that upset our personal balance in some way. These events or demands are known as stressors. We usually think of stressors as being negative, such as an exhausting work schedule or a rocky relationship. However, anything that forces us to adjust can be a stressor. This includes positive events such as getting married or receiving a promotion. Regardless of whether an event is good or bad, if the changes it brings strain our coping skills and adaptive resources, the end result is the subjective feeling of stress and the body’s biological stress response.

Intellectual Symptoms:
Memory problems.
Difficulty making decisions.
Inability to concentrate.
Seeing only the negative.
Repetitive or racing thoughts.
Poor judgment.
Loss of objectivity.
Desire to escape or run away.

Emotional Symptoms:
Moody and hypersensitive.
Restlessness and anxiety.
Anger and resentment.
Easily irritated and “on edge”.
Sense of being overwhelmed.
Lack of confidence.
Urge to laugh or cry at inappropriate times.

Physical Symptoms:
Digestive problems.
Muscle tension and pain.
Sleep disturbances.
Chest pain, irregular heartbeat.
High blood pressure.
Weight gain or loss.
Asthma or shortness of breath.
Skin problems.
Decreased sex drive.

Behavioral Symptoms:
Eating more or less.
Sleeping too much or too little.
Isolating yourself from others.
Neglecting your responsibilities.
Increasing alcohol and drug use.
Nervous habits (e.g. Nail biting, pacing).
Teeth grinding or jaw clenching.
Overdoing activities such as exercising or shopping.
Losing your temper.
Overreacting to unexpected problems.

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Your Questions About Sleeping Dogs

William asks…

Which will run better on PC,Sleeping Dogs or GTA 4?

This is the two points I want to tell:
1.People say GTA 4 is poorly optimized for PC.
2.People say Sleeping Dogs is optimized perfectly for PC.

GTA 4 runs slow on my laptop on the very lowest settings,Sleeping Dogs runs faster on my laptop on all low except Shadows and Motion Blur on Normal,both 640×480.

My question is,if GTA 4 was optimized perfectly on PC,which will run faster on lowest settings?

Insomnia Stress answers:

Sleeping Dogs isn’t optimized well for PC using a keyboard. Its impossible to pick-up the first lock. (unless you use a PS3 controller). Its shooting feels more like console shooting with auto target and stuff.
GTA 4 does run well if you apply the patch.
And I don’t like the driving in Sleeping Dogs, it simply sucks.

And if they were both well optimized then obviously GTA 4 would run better because its pretty low on system requirements according to today’s hardware. Like for example most people own a 3.1 GHz dual core processor and a gpu like the gt 640 or better. These would be able to run gta 4 on medium high settings (if it were well optimized)

Susan asks…

Borderlands 2 or Sleeping Dogs?

I have a choice between the two games above. Back story:

I played the original Borderlands to death, I bought the Game of the Year edition for the PS3. I’m on level 52 now, but I got bored of it. I’m not sure if I’d be too fond of the sequel.

I downloaded the demo of Sleeping Dogs for PS3. Honestly, I thought the combat was really great! I like the whole idea of the story, and everything about the demo was awesome.

I know they’re two completely different games, but I want to hear your opinion.

What do you think?

Insomnia Stress answers:

I’ve got Sleeping Dogs & Borderlands 2.

While Sleeping Dogs is a great game, it is finished too quickly and offers very little new to the genre. While the melee combat & environmental kills are really fun, they do get tired and repetitive after a while.

I utterly love Borderlands 1 and also played it to death. Borderlands 2 has almost the same play style, except A SH*T LOAD BETTER!!!!!!! Borderlands 2 kicks Borderlands 1′s @$$! Everything is improved in almost every aspect. Most importantly, it has a story worth caring about, and one of my favorite villains ever: Hansom Jack.

Bottom Line: Buy Borderlands 2, and somewhere down the line either rent Sleeping Dogs over a long weekend or buy it at a discounted/second hand price.

Mary asks…

Sleeping Dogs?

why does my dog insist on sleeping in my room next to my bed? he has his own bed downstairs. Even if my husband is downstairs the dog insists on being my shadow. If all else fails and the door is closed on him then he immediatley runs to shadow my husband…is he just a very needy dog??? he’s a lab 9 yrs old (adopted 4 yrs ago)
I am the one who feeds him…interesting..

Insomnia Stress answers:

You are what we call the “Alpha Male” in the dog pack. Your dog will do everything for you, he will be loyal to you until the bitter end. Your dog will love and protect you, and if you don’t like him sleeping by your bed, you will have to shut him out or move his bed in beside your bed! Your husband comes second in his doggy world, he’s not as important as you. Look at your family as his pack, and you will soon see who he respects and who he doesn’t. Dogs are like that. Don’t frown on his love, just love him back, but be the boss! If you say NO, then mean NO, for the last thing you want is a Dog running your household. Good Luck!

Ken asks…

How long should dogs sleep?

my dog sleeps almost all day and is 2 years old
is that ok?
my dog is a chiwawa.
i just let him out to go potty but runs off where ever he wants then comes back and goes on the bed and sleeps for a very long time

Insomnia Stress answers:

My dogs sleep on and off all day. They love going for walks but they also love to sleep and cuddle. Are your dogs actually sleeping or are they resting? Make sure they get a chance to walk and play.

Donna asks…

time for my dog to sleep right!?!?!?

is it bad for my dog to sleep with me on my bed (why or why not)like how should i doit or somthing what will it cause

Insomnia Stress answers:

My dog slept in our bed until she got so big she was pushing me off the bed at night. She would get right in the middle and stretch out her legs and plop there I went. I don’t see anything wrong with letting your dog sleep in the bed as long as your dog knows its your bed. I have seen where aggressive dogs decided they wanted the bed all to themselves and bit the owner. If your dog knows your in charge and is obedient when you tell him to get down then its not a problem. One last thing if you have a 3 pound dog please don’t I have seen several injured pets from owners rolling over on them in the night and breaking a leg.

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